Our EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter can overhaul your current workspace — 50% off for a limited time

Breathing new life into your office workspace doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Revamp your desk setup at half price in our Summer sale!

The Goldtouch EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter is the simple solution to reduce pain and discomfort, while boosting productivity and even your bottom line.

Read on to find out why you and your team need a truly ergonomic workspace, for better physical and mental health. Plus, discover the financial benefits your business can experience by introducing an ergonomic alternative to a traditional desk (without the hassle of getting rid of your existing desks).

Better posture with tailored positioning

Having bad posture adds pressure on the spine and puts workers in a bad mood, resulting in less motivation. The EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter helps erase these common issues, thanks to the ability to tailor the height!

A one size fits all desk won’t work for your teams’ unique heights and builds. Instead of leaving them hunched over their existing desks, or investing in a whole new standing desk, transform their current setup with this simple converter.

There are 40 steps of height adjustment, meaning team members can adjust their desk converter to allow for a comfortable and safe monitor placement to reduce the pain that comes with bad posture.

Reduce the risk of RSI

Repetitive strain injuries are the bane of any office worker. They happen when you sit for an extended period of time in an uncomfortable position, or make repetitive movements (think mousing or typing) without breaks or proper support. Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis are common workplace complaints that could be avoided if the workspace is set up correctly.

That’s where the EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter can help. Together with your ergonomic keyboard and mouse, you can position your desk to stand or sit in the optimum position for comfort. This prevents strain on the hands, wrists, arms, and neck because there’s no need to try to conform to a restrictive desk— instead, it conforms to your body.

Not ready to stand up all day? No problem. Simply adjust the height of the converter to turn your standing desk into a seated desk in a couple of moments. Its sturdy steel construction is built to last through adjustments.

No need to replace your entire workstation

Let’s face it— replacing your entire office’s setup with standing desks can be a big task.

Avoid the upheaval with a fully assembled desk converter.

This sits on top of your existing desk, transforming it from a standard, static desk to a fully customizable, ergonomic sitting or standing desk. It’s easy to adjust, too—the spring lift assist takes care of the heavy-lifting when holding your monitors and peripherals. Simply grab the handles to lift and lower.

Increase workplace productivity

To reach your business goals, productivity is everything. The trouble is, uncomfortable, unhappy workers aren’t as motivated to do good work. A simple change to a desk converter could dramatically boost productivity—a study on standing desks proves this, showing that standing for some of the work day is directly linked to higher productivity than sitting all day.

Better for your bottom line

We’ve already mentioned how adding desk converters can save money compared with buying completely new office furniture. But how can a simple change impact your finances in the long run?

Workplace injuries cost $167 billion in 2021—this shocking figure includes losses in productivity, wages, and admin expenses.

Many injuries that happen at work include RSI, which is avoidable with the correct equipment. Investing in an ergonomic desk converter can help towards keeping employees comfortable and thriving as they work. Healthy workers take less time off, are more productive, and cost the company less in insurance claims.

The best features of the Goldtouch EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter

With these powerful benefits in mind, here’s what you can expect with your desk converter:

  • Powerful springs and solid crossbeam construction lifts up to 75 lbs
  • 40 steps of height adjustment to fit every body
  • Comes fully assembled, for an upgraded workspace in minutes

True ergonomics at 50% off, for a limited time

If you’ve been going back and forth on the idea of replacing your office desks for a better way, now’s the perfect time to invest in a desk converter for yourself and your team. The physical, mental, and financial benefits are hard to ignore!

The EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter is the ultimate solution if you want to transform your team’s workspace into an ergonomic and comfortable environment, without the hassle and expense of replacing their existing desks.

Upgrade your workspace today and give your team the gift of enhanced comfort and productivity. Check out our sale now and experience the true ergonomics of the EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter.