We love hearing stories from our customers about how using our Goldtouch ergonomic products have helped them work better and pain free. That’s why when we received a review from Dani sharing how using the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard was “Love at First Touch,” we had to ask him more about his typing journey and his journey to Goldtouch.

Thank you to Dani for agreeing to do this blog style interview with us. The interview starts here:

Q: Does your job involve a lot of typing or keyboard input?

A: Yes. I’m a published, and award-winning science fiction author as well as an advertising creative director who came up on the copywriting side. In short, when I’m not writing for a living, I’m writing for a side-hustle. I write with my brother and our last series of novels (with Tor Books) came out to over one million written words. That’s a lot of typing!

Q: Did you start experiencing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) discomfort, or just decide you wanted to try a different keyboard?

A: Early on in my writing career I definitely began to feel the strain of working on non-ergonomic keyboards. I like to get ahead of problems, not wait for them to get worse. So, I started to do my research and Goldtouch was one of the first keyboards that came up.

Q: What other products have you tried to alleviate your discomfort, and did they help?

A: I’ve also used myriad trackballs over the years. Once I find one I love I’ll stick with it for years. Unfortunately, different models get retired and if I don’t like the new offerings I’m forced to go hunting for new ones (but not before scouring the used marketplace!). I’m also a big fan of wrist wrests. Goldtouch’s offerings work perfectly for their keyboards so there’s no point in looking elsewhere. I’ve settled on a bean bag type of wrist wrest for my trackball and that works pretty well though it’s not ideal because it requires constant shifting. I’ve built a few custom trackball wrist wrests over the years as well. And last on my list is an independent trackpad which I use with the Goldtouch Bluetooth keyboard. I rigged up a platform beneath the keyboard that splays and has an extended platform on the right-hand side where I’ve attached the trackpad. So now when I sit to write with the keyboard in my lap, I don’t have to extend my hand “up” to the desk to move the cursor.  A non-keyboard product I use but that I can’t live without is a called Nada Chair. It’s a back support system that cleverly utilizes your knees to straighten your lumbar while typing. I have two—one for home and one for the office.

Q: How did you hear about Goldtouch?

A: Doing research for ergonomic keyboards. It came up first and was the most highly rated.

Q: What Goldtouch products did you try?

A: I’ve used their USB keyboards for Mac and PC (before they had a switch) and their Bluetooth keyboard. Plus, their wrist wrests.

Q: How did you feel after using Goldtouch?

A: Like I hadn’t written at all. It’s actually quite extraordinary given just how much I write! I mean, zero wrist fatigue.

Q: Has using a Goldtouch keyboard made work easier?

A: Infinitely easier. I’m so in love with Goldtouch’s products that I have two complete sets of each keyboard (one for the office and one for home).

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Goldtouch?

A: Yes. I mentioned it in my review of their Bluetooth keyboard but it bears repeating here: their customer service is beyond anything I’ve experienced before. They truly want to help you get to the bottom of whatever it is that’s problematic and they’ll stick with you until it’s resolved. I was frankly gobsmacked when a malfunctioning keyboard I purchased from them was replaced, no questions asked—more than a few years after I’d purchased it! Who does that? Pretty much no one which is why I’ve stuck with this company for so long. Because they’ve stuck with me.

We appreciate your time and feedback

Not nearly as much as I appreciate your company, and everyone involved in creating so perfect a product.

In Summary

A big thank you to Dani! We know our readers will love hearing about your experience just as much as we have.

We want to encourage everyone to type smarter with Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards. When you type so much, it really makes a difference what equipment you’re using. Try one of our ergonomic keyboards today and experience the difference for yourself.