Whether you’re working remotely or gradually transitioning back into an office environment, you’re likely familiar with the idea of using a standing desk. Maybe you’re thinking of purchasing a standing desk for the first time and want to know how you can maximize the space you have, while creating a comfortable setup that best enhances your daily work experience.

This can easily be achieved through accessories that make for a more comfortable, productive, and ergonomically friendly workspace.

So, what are the essential standing desk accessories that will help you get the most out of the experience? Here are some of our top picks:

Ergonomic Keyboard

An adjustable ergonomic keyboard is perfect for when you’re working at a standing desk, as it operates just like a standard keyboard, but offers a tent and splay option that adjusts to your desired hand placement. Goldtouch offers four unique ergonomic keyboard options to suit your needs, depending on your computer’s operating system and functionality. You have the Goldtouch tent and splay for either Mac or PC as well as a more streamlined version that comes with either a traditional plug-in cord or with wireless Bluetooth capability for when you’re on-the-go.

Anti-fatigue Mat

In order to provide proper support whenever you plan to use your standing desk (especially for longer periods), it’s important to find an anti-fatigue mat that can cater to your feet, legs, and lower back. This special mat not only gives you support, but allows for ease of movement when you want to take a moment to stretch your legs while standing.

Laptop Stand

Goldtouch GTLS-0055 Stand with Laptop

Whether you’re standing or seated at your desk, it’s important to find a laptop stand that keeps your computer off the desk and closer to eye level. Laptop stands can usually be adjusted to accommodate height and comfort level. They also provide some wrist relief, keeping your wrists elevated and putting less pressure on your joints. If you’re like most busy professionals, you spend your days typing away, and this may eventually lead to carpal tunnel issues. Goldtouch offers stand options for both laptops and tablets, which can also help ease wrist fatigue when combined with one of our gel wrist rests.

All of these options represent just a few of the popular essential standing desk accessories on the market today, and with many employees demanding a more comfortable work environment, ergonomic equipment and accessories will continue to rise in popularity well into the future.