Good posture seems to be an afterthought for many people, yet it is often one of the most common reasons behind ongoing back, neck, and shoulder discomfort in adults. At the same time, we also strain our eyes trying to read our computer and phone screens, and this becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of both pain and strain.   

It’s a wonder we aren’t all walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

All kidding aside, since the majority of jobs now require daily computer usage, it’s easy to see why regular visits to the chiropractor have become the norm in the age of technology.

Now, there is something that can kill more than two birds with one stone, and that is: a laptop stand.

Maybe you’re already using one for your workspace, but if you’re not, here are some reasons to use a laptop stand:


Goldtouch GTLS-0055 Stand with Laptop

Do you find it more and more difficult to read small print? Maybe your eyeglass prescription seems to get a little worse each year? It could be in part due to your laptop position. When your laptop is tilted forward as it is on a stand, it sits closer to eye level and reading text suddenly becomes that much easier!

Cool Your Computer

If you notice your laptop gets noisier at certain times of the day, it’s likely the fan kicking in to cool your machine down. A laptop stand comes in handy here too and keeps air flowing constantly so your machine doesn’t overheat.

Back and Neck Strain

If you find yourself with ongoing back and neck pain, your laptop may be to blame. This applies to both sitting and standing desks whenever your laptop sits too low. A laptop stand can be your machine’s (and your back’s) best friend because it keeps you from looking down constantly and can help improve posture when used regularly. This means less pain and more ergonomically correct placement of your entire body when you’re hard at work.

Convenience and Portability

Goldtouch-GTLS-0055-Tablet-Stand-folded. Goldtouch-Travel-Bundle

One of the best things about using a laptop stand is that most are built for ease of use and portability. Goldtouch’s travel laptop and tablet stands are made of high-quality, light aluminum, so they are both sleek and durable for on-the-go. Both models are also compact, easily folding down and fitting into your laptop bag, so they can go anywhere you go.

These are just a few reasons why you should invest in a good quality laptop stand, and as a bonus, you might also save yourself from multiple trips to the chiropractor!