Ergonomic Keyboard, Using an ergonomic keyboard with an iPad.Ergonomic Keyboards: The Secret to A Better User Experience

Computers were designed to keep us connected, advance our abilities and make working a little bit easier. However, with all the convenience of using a computer and our constant need to use it, there are some downsides.

Having aches, pains, physical discomfort, or tingling hands is common when you’ve spent hours sitting in front of a keyboard. While there are many procedures, braces, and even operations to treat the long-term issues of using a conventional keyboard, you can avoid this hefty cost by finding solutions to prevent these issues, to begin with. So, how do you continue working without feeling discomfort or pain? The answer is simple: ergonomic keyboards.

What Are Ergonomic Keyboards?

While the earliest inventions of ergonomic keyboards date back to the early 1990s, very little of the population even knows they exist! The idea behind ergonomic keyboards is to reduce fatigue, pain, and discomfort while promoting productivity. The difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a conventional keyboard has to do with its shape and design. Ergonomic keyboards save you from straining your wrists by helping to position your hands in an ideal way to type.

One of the most popular designs of ergonomic keyboards is the split keyboard. The keyboard is split in the middle in these models, helping to assist with hand spacing, easy typing flow, and providing comfort throughout your working day. If your job is on the go, or you’re unable to carry around a bulky keyboard, the mobile keyboard is the perfect companion. It provides all of the benefits of the ergonomic split keyboard design with the ability to fold up and travel with you wherever you need to go.

Do Ergonomic Keyboards Really Make a Difference?

Simply put, you’re making the best decision for your body when you choose an adjustable split keyboard. In fact, using a conventional keyboard can lead to severe issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and increased mental fatigue, which can significantly impact the quality of work you’re able to produce.

Ergonomic adjustable split keyboards require less hand movement or effort from the user because it keeps your fingers closer to the keys. The less you have to move your hands around while using the keyboard, the less fatigue you’ll feel from typing. This simple change in the way your hands sit can even impact your posture. You’re not only helping with your shoulder alignment, but you’re also helping with the posture of your entire body, simply through a change in keyboards.

Ergonomic Adjustable Split Keyboards Fit to Your Needs

Just like no two humans are alike, neither are the specific needs you may have for your keyboard. Adjustable split keyboards were created to fit your individual needs, such as adjusting from 0-30 degrees on horizontal and vertical planes to provide the best customizable experience available on both PC and Mac systems.

If you’re looking to avoid issues like bad posture, aches or pains, neck problems, and more, it’s time to make the switch to an ergonomic keyboard. Check out our full line of keyboards to find the right adjustable split keyboard today!