The Goldtouch Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Let’s face it. You get your best work done on the go. This is true whether you’re sitting in an airport lounge or waiting for soccer practice to finish. But typing on tiny smartphone and tablet screens can cramp your fingers and your productivity.

That’s why we’re so excited about our Goldtouch Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for the on the go user. With a low profile and elegant design, the Bluetooth Mini is as pleasant to behold as any of your Android and Apple devices. Not to mention, just as convenient.

To view the downloadable Bluetooth Mini Keyboard data sheet, click here.

Bluetooth mini keyboard

Key Features:

  • Completely wire free. Say goodbye to tangled wires. This mini keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as hot keys so you can quickly access all of your most important information. Worried about battery life? The Bluetooth Mini comes with 2 AAA batteries that will last for months. A convenient indicator light will let you know when you’re running low, so you’ll never be caught unaware.
  • Built with the stylish on-the-go worker in mind. The Goldtouch Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is just half an inch thick and weighs only 10 ounces, making it both portable and unobtrusive. Just slip it into your favorite bag and sync it with your devices, wherever you are.
  • Plays nice with all of your technology. The Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, XBOX, PS3 and internet connected TV, at your desk or on the go.
  • Fosters productivity. Stop waiting for traveling employees to enter reports on tiny keyboards. Co-workers, managers and business owners alike will love the speed at which projects are completed on this accessible and comfortable keyboard.

Take full advantage of all that your mobile devices have to offer with this convenient and stylish keyboard. Wherever you go, so, too, goes your Goldtouch Bluetooth Mini keyboard.