Not to freak you out or anything, but this coming Friday is the 13th — and it’s almost upon us. What a spooky proposition! For the superstitious, it’s time to take proper precautions to ensure that this Friday the 13th turns out better than any one film in the Friday the 13th movie franchise.

Here are just a few ways to look out for yourself when the big day arrives.

1. Don’t Cut Your Hair

barber cutting women's hair

If you do so, someone in your family is guaranteed to
die! It’s true! Granted, everyone is going to die one day, so they may not die for another fifty years, at which point you’ll have no choice but to shake your head and say, “I shouldn’t have cut my hair back on Friday the 13th.”

2. Don’t Walk Under a Ladder

This is just a bad idea any day. After all, anyone could be waiting on top of the ladder with water balloons and cream pies for an unsuspecting passerby to come ambling by. But if you do it on Friday the 13th, you’ll also be cursed with bad luck. And nothing is worse for your career and your personal life than bad luck!

3. Don’t Pass By a Black Cat

You know what, forget this one. Black cats have gotten a bad rap for too long. Go out and cuddle the first one you see!

4. Don’t Break A Mirror

That’s right, folks, if you were planning on breaking a mirror on the 13th, it’s time to call off your plans. If you don’t, you’re sure to suffer 7 years of bad luck.

5. Don’t Open an Umbrella Indoors

man with laptop at desk under umbrella

Granted, this superstition stems from old umbrella technologies, which had umbrellas springing open violently and poking eyes out. Still, the eye issue is why it’s still not a good idea to open an umbrella inside. Should it rain this Friday, opt for a rain slicker instead, or go for the umbrella, but keep it properly closed until you’re fully in the outdoors.

6. Don’t Cross Your Knife and Fork

Whether you’re dining in the company cafeteria, you’re out for a fancy business lunch, or you’re just scarfing down something quick at the fast food joint around the corner, crossing your knife and fork is sure to bring you bad luck — so don’t do it.

7. Avoid the Number 13

Friday the 13th cartoon image
Don’t invite 13 people to your meeting. Or bring in a baker’s dozen of doughnuts for the team when a regular dozen will do. Or take the number 13 bus. And certainly don’t sneeze 13 times in a row. Ban “13” from your vocabulary!

8. Don’t Burn Chicken Eggs

Guys, how many times do we have to tell you? Enough with the eggshell burning! Doing so will damage the chicken from which the eggs came, thereby leaving you without any eggs for now and ever more. Don’t do it!

9. Don’t Work on Non-Ergonomic Equipment

man typing on ergonomic keyboard at deskTyping on a flat, traditional keyboard is a fast way to give yourself a Repetitive Strain Injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, as is mousing with a mouse that offers no support. You also aren’t doing your neck any favors if your screen is too low down.

Each of these issues is bound to lead to pain, lost productivity, lowered efficiency, and a lack of creativity — all of which is very bad luck indeed! This Friday the 13th, make sure to type on an ergonomic split keyboard, which will allow you to find the most ideal typing angle for you. Opt for an ergonomic mouse that provides ample support for your wrists, and place your laptop onto a laptop and tablet stand to raise the screen to the proper level.

Friday the 13th can be a time of horrors or one of productivity, just as long as you’re familiar with all of the dos and dont’s!

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