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It’s no secret that working out regularly is the key to health and longevity. Not only will exercise strengthen employee muscles, improve cardiovascular health and help prevent serious conditions and diseases like cancer, diabetes and obesity, but it can also keep minds sharp and up and ready to tackle the tasks on to-do lists. That should be just as important to employers as it is to employees, because it means that exercise really is the key to keeping productivity and efficiency rates high.

Still with the busy lifestyles we lead today, finding time to hit the gym in today can be easier said than done. As such, employers will find a number of benefits simply by providing ample on-site exercise opportunities. This can take the form of:

1) On-Site Gyms

Whenever possible, providing on-site gyms will make working out incredibly convenient for your employees. This way, they can sneak in a workout during lunch time, or commute early to work to get that blood flowing to their brains before starting the day. Employees can even pop down during shorter breaks for a quick walk on the treadmill. What better way to inject a little more energy than a 5-minutes power walk? It’s like coffee, but without the crash.

2) Groups and Leagues

Many employees do best with a little peer pressure. As such, after-work leagues can be a highly effective method for encouraging exercise, whether the sport is baseball or bowling. Alternatively, other employees will enjoy regular lunchtime walking or running groups, which can function as exercise support groups as well.

3) Fitness Challenges

woman in plank position

While some employees will prefer independent exercise experiences, others will enjoy a little competition. As such, arranging a fitness challenge can be a highly effective way to get people moving. Challenges can range from specific programs like Crossfit or P90X to rewards for a certain number of exercise hours put in each week.

When you think about it, the reasons for doing this are much like those that justify the buying of ergonomic equipment. After all, it’s all part of a preventative mentality; invest in your employees’ health now, and you’ll keep them around for years to come, while also lowering the amount of workers’ compensation claims and injuries that happen on the job.

For more great ideas on encouraging employees to get moving at work, we highly recommend reading the article, Working Out At Work.

How do you encourage employees to keep that blood pumping while working 9 to 5? Let us know your best ideas in the comments below.

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