Recently, the YouTube channel 4RaysTech published a review video for the wireless version of the FlexMouse that he has been using for a month and a half. The channel summarizes the FlexMouse as the best mousing option for long hours of work and design, as well as gaming. We’ve recapped some of his favorite aspects of the mouse and you can watch the video in its entirety below. Enjoy this ergonomic FlexMouse Wireless Mouse Review!

1. Adjustable Sizes

The first point 4RaysTech makes is arguably the most notable feature of the FlexMouse – its adjustable grip. With interchangeable shells – small, medium, large, and extra-large – the mouse fits every hand. One additional detail to note is that the additional shells don’t have to go unused, the smaller shells are perfect for precise tasks, while the large options provide ultimate comfort.

2. Weight & Quality

4RaysTech shows viewers an up-close look at the quality and intricate design of the FlexMouse and comments on the premium feel it boasts. He states the plastic is very high quality and the overall product has a nice weight to it.

3. Shape & Design

The video spends the most time commenting on the shape and design of the FlexMouse. 4RaysTech pulls out a mouse he used previously and shares some direct comparisons. While the size seems about the same as the competitor’s mouse, he notes the height of the FlexMouse is much different. The taller height of the FlexMouse creates a C-shape for optimal comfort for the user.

Later on in the video, 4RaysTech points out the four buttons the FlexMouse has in addition to the wheel. He comments this design is perfect for those with precision workflows or gamers looking for that extra flexibility.

4. Comfortable

On the note of comfort and design, 4RaysTech comments on the true comfort the FlexMouse brings to his workflow. He shows how the FlexMouse fits the inner cavity of his hand, the height of the mouse relieving the tiredness his hand had experienced using his other mouse. He also noted how he didn’t think that finer detail would make such a difference in his comfort, but it absolutely did.

5. Reliability

Since 4RaysTech was reviewing the wireless variation of the FlexMouse that relies on Bluetooth connection, he briefly mentions that in the entire time he has used the mouse he hadn’t experienced any signal drops or lags in signal. He goes on to explain the reliability was steady even when surrounded by other Bluetooth and electronic devices.

6. Changing Size

Finally, 4RaysTech demonstrates how easy it is to change out the different sized shells. He shows that all you need to do is pop off the size you don’t want and pop on the new one. 4RaysTech shares the process is extremely easy.

The video is summed up by stating that the overall product is well-thought-out and executed, making a perfect gift option for those who want to improve the lifestyles of their friends and family. We hope you enjoyed this ergonomic FlexMouse Wireless Mouse review. Watch the entire review video below!