Ergonomic Investment SavingIt’s not difficult to understand how an ergonomic investment in workstation equipment benefits employees. Working comfortably means getting more done. Also, it means having more mental space to devote to creativity. Being pain free is also obviously great for the personal lives of employees. Employees won’t be limited in what they can do.

But does an ergonomic investment really make sense for employers? After all, while something like an ergonomic keyboard requires a relatively small investment and offers big payoffs, buying new office furniture and employing the services of an ergonomist is a much heftier commitment. So, is it worth it?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Ergonomics:

1. Improves productivity.

Whether you’ve got one employee or ten thousand, employees that are efficient and productive are bound to generate more revenue for the company in both the short and the long term.

2. Promotes engagement.

Pain-free employees are much more likely to engage deeply with their jobs, rather than simply rushing through tasks to get them done. Additionally, when there is a culture of support, they’ll feel a lot more loyalty to the company. That means that if you make other investments in them — like, say, training them on the job — they’re much more likely to stick around.

3. Saves money.

Musculoskeletal disorders account for roughly $1 out of every $3 filed in workers compensation claims each year. That’s $1 you won’t have to spend if you’ve done your due diligence in helping to prevent such disorders. Ergonomics is your very economic solution.

Need more proof that an ergonomic investment pays? We highly recommend reading this article, Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace, for an even more in-depth look at this important topic.

How do you implement ergonomics in the workplace? Tell us all about your strategies in the comments below.

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