These days, ergonomics play a huge role in the setup and layout of the modern workplace. Companies big and small are seeing how more comfortable workers tend to be happier, safer, and more productive. Among the leaders in ergonomic office solutions, Goldtouch offers a selection of ergonomic devices that make working more comfortable and can help to reduce the risk of employees forming repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) over time.

The thing is, change can be great—if implemented correctly. At the same time, nobody likes it when they have to swap something they’ve used for years to something new. It can be disruptive at first, but if your company is serious about employee health, productivity, and comfort, you’ll want to choose a solution that not only has proven benefits but that is also easy for your employees to use with a short adaption period. Goldtouch’s ergonomic devices, from ergonomic keyboards and mice to a standing desk converter, are the clear choice for the following reasons.

Benefits to Productivity, Comfort, and the Company’s Bottom Line

There’s no denying that if we’re more comfortable using our desk devices, we’ll be better equipped and more inspired to get the job done. Goldtouch’s ergonomic solutions are made to be as comfortable as possible, and companies of all sizes, from multinational corporations to small businesses, are seeing benefits by using Goldtouch’s ergonomic solutions.

All of the Goldtouch products and offerings are designed with a purpose, among them to help prevent the most common RSIs associated with office work. With fewer RSI cases, companies can expect reduced absenteeism, fewer workers’ comp claims, and the potential for increased productivity. Could using an ergonomic mouse or ergonomic keyboard really make a significant difference? Try for yourself, and you’ll see the results over time.

Individual Customization

We all have our daily habits, and some of us have been using the same generic keyboards and basic mice for years. With other ergonomic solutions, users are forced to contort to the manufacturer’s predetermined “ergonomic” angles, touted to be “one-size-fits-all.” Fortunately, that’s not the case with Goldtouch, as individual customization is central to the brand’s ergonomic product lineup and designs. If you browse Goldtouch’s ergonomic keyboard selection, for instance, you’ll see that users have the ability to adjust the angle, split, height, and more. With individual customization, employees have options, rather than feeling forced to use a new, possibly uncomfortable device.

Ergonomic Options for the Entire Workstation

Goldtouch offers ergonomic solutions for the entire workstation. If you can outfit every station with an ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, and standing desk converter, employees can find their ideal comfort zone, enabling them to work more comfortably for longer. There’s no doubt that Goldtouch has been responsible for helping improve worker safety, and as a result, has likely improved employee comfort and productivity as well.

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