When our desks are set up correctly, we feel better and work more comfortably. Our devices are in the correct position. Not a distraction is in sight. And our coffee cup is perfectly within an arm’s reach to help keep us fueled for the day ahead. With the right workstation setup, our workdays feel so much better, but finding that ideal setup can be trickier than it seems.

If you’re adopting new ergonomic solutions in the workplace, here are a few tips for making sure that employees’ workstations help them remain as comfortable and productive as possible.

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The first and most important aspect to consider is the collection of devices you and other employees use regularly. In modern workplaces, our mice and keyboards have become our shovels and hammers, and like these other tools, overuse and incorrect use can lead to long-term problems. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are a serious factor with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome affecting workers daily.

Not only are RSIs painful and annoying, but they can also cost companies big time in absenteeism, workers’ comp claims, and lost productivity. With a practical ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse, you can help employees feel more comfortable as they work, and reduce their risk of developing RSIs over time.

Clean and Clear Workspace

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Besides using comfortable tools like an ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard, employees should have a distraction-free, open workspace. If you’ve ever had to work around piles of papers, clutter, and leftover coffee mugs, you know it can be counter-productive. The ideal workspace will have plenty of room to move around and few distractions. Employees should be given ample space to perform their duties. If they feel cramped, you might need to do some rearranging. It also helps from a visual perspective to reduce clutter so that employees can better focus on the task at hand. A policy regarding clutter and dirty dishes on desks can help remind employees to take care of their space.

Proper Placement

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Simply purchasing ergonomic devices isn’t enough to get the full benefits. For example, if you purchase standing desk converters for a department, the employees should all be taught how to properly position the devices as well. If individuals use the devices incorrectly, even if they’re ergonomic they won’t be as effective. As you set up your ideal office and workstations, look into ergonomics guides to help with little things like the height of chairs and monitors, or the placement of peripherals to help make it the most comfortable and productive space possible.

This is also a good time to mention the importance of individual customization in the products you choose to use. For example, a high-quality ergonomic keyboard will give each user the option to adjust the split, tent angle, and height to their preferred settings. This adjustment ability enables employees to find their distinct sweet spot in comfort, so using the device will feel seamless. Be wary of “one-size-fits-all” ergonomic products, such as keyboards, that force every user to work in the same position. Everyone is built and shaped differently, so there should be options to use ergonomic devices however is most comfortable to each user.

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