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When you see the word “ergonomics,” you probably think of the many benefits this field brings to the individual. After all, ergonomics is all about creating workspaces that can adjust to fit the bodies, behavior and working styles of each individual employee, with the clear goal of improving personal health.

But businesses, after all, are made of people, and that means that looking after the ergonomic health of your employees and of your company, too. How so?

When poor workspace design leads to Repetitive Strain Injuries or other health problems, absenteeism rates increase. This leads to a widespread loss of productivity across the company, which can directly harm your bottom line. What’s more, when health problems become extra pressing, they may require costly surgery, which can push up health care premiums. And should the affected employee not opt for surgery, they’ll find themselves more easily fatigued at work, concentrating on their pain rather than the task at hand. That’s not exactly a great recipe for productivity and innovation in the workplace.

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