set of images to denote proper posture while sitting at desk
According to the American Medical Association, research into office ergonomics began all the way back in the 1990s. Certainly, if you’ve been in the workplace for several decades, you’re familiar with the outpouring of media coverage on the topic around that time. You’re also probably aware of the many employer initiatives to right un-ergonomic wrongs. The flood has stilled since then, but that doesn’t mean that ergonomics aren’t still incredibly relevant to the workplace. In fact, with more employers expecting their employees to work longer hours than ever, ergonomics is a more pressing topic than ever.

That’s something of which employees are still well aware, according to a report in the Lawrence World Journal. In fact, employees’ concerns have reached somewhat of a fever pitch as more and more studies arise implicating sitting as being just about as dangerous as smoking for one’s health. This can be seen in the sudden influx of standing desks in the workplace. This is also seen with the presence of alternative chairs like medicine balls.

What does this mean for employers?

It’s time to get with the ergonomic program. Employees will be more likely to stay at companies where they feel their health needs are supported and encouraged. What’s more, good ergonomics is good for the company’s bottom line. So, there’s no losing when it comes to making ergonomic improvements.

Not convinced yet? Take a read of this CNN article, Ergonomics Still Matters in the Office, for a more in-depth look at this important topic.

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