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Opening up the door to find someone form OSHA poised to conduct an OSHA Audit in your office is a way no employer likes to start the day (at least not before they’ve had their coffee). However, despite the countless workspaces OSHA has cause to inspect every year, most companies will face this reality eventually. Probably on a regular basis. So, what should you do. That is, besides run around with a panicked look in your eye telling everyone, “OSHA is here! OSHA is here!”?

First Things First

We highly recommend preparing yourself ahead of time with a list of procedures as well as a response team to greet the OSHA inspectors. Your plan should include various action items, like deciding whether or not you want to ask for a warrant. Also, do you want to have on hand any written documentation of workplace safety training, equipment inspection records and insurance and third party audits. You should of course assist the inspectors in every way possible, and take care to note the inspectors’ names, the areas inspected and the dates and times they were on site. Should you receive any fines, make sure to consult with an attorney and file any disputes promptly.

Of course, the best way to survive an OSHA audit is to implement an effective ergonomics program before it ever happens. From ergonomic training to ergonomic keyboards, creating a culture of prevention will mitigate health risks like carpal tunnel syndrome and increase productivity on the job.

Looking for more tips on this subject? We highly recommend giving the following article, How to Survive an OSHA Audit, a read for a more in-depth look at this topic from an expert source.

Have you ever been audited by OSHA? Let us know what the experience was like in the blog comments below.

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