sunrise over water

On Sunday, March 13th at 2AM, something glorious happens: we, the people of earth, are gifted an extra hour of sunlight. Well, technically we don’t get that gift until later in the day, and you won’t get it at all if you live in a country that doesn’t practice Daylight Savings Time, but for the rest of us it’s time to celebrate. Finally, it won’t be pitch black when we walk the dog after work! We don’t have to feel like we’re mole people! Spring must certainly be upon us!

Here are a few great ways to celebrate the reemergence of our old friend Sun, who we haven’t seen since November.

1. Play Frisbee at the Park

You’ve got all the daylight you need now for a good game of frisbee in the park post-work. Invite some friends along or hey, why not join an ultimate frisbee league? You’ll love skipping through the park and soaking up the sun as you move into spring.

2. Take Your Job Outside

Pulling a late one at the office? There’s no reason that you should stay trapped in your cubicle while your friends gallivant with frisbees in the park (see above). Instead, take your work with you to the nearest park. All you need is a good dose of mobile ergonomicstablet stand, ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Park yourself on a bench with a laptop and tablet stand, a travel mouse, and a slim, lightweight Goldtouch travel keyboard, and you’ll have everything you need to stay comfortable and productive while you work from the park. Bring along your own mobile hotspot via your smartphone, use a screen protector to fight off any glare (because, ya know, there’s still so much sun out — have we mentioned that?) and you’ll be good to go!

Check out a few more tips for getting mobile ergonomics right here.

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3. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Great news: with that extra hour of sunlight, you’ll be able to catch that outdoor spring concert without a problem — and you’ll probably get a good sunset out of it, too. As the weather warms, check out your local venues for a post-work rock, jazz, or jam session. Invite the colleagues along to unwind, or grab the kids and the pup — you’ve got time to, after all!

4. Grab a Drink After Work (Without Falling Asleep)

Sure, your colleagues are always inviting you to a post-work drink, but who has the energy when it’s pitch black out? Now you’ll feel much more tempted to take those colleagues up on their offer, which will be great for your social life and your work life too. Can anyone say after work bonding?

5. Go for a Run

runner at sunset

Leave the flashing LED safety lights at home: you can finally run after work without worrying about whether or not those cars see you. And forget that head lamp, too. That’s right: you’ll actually be able to see where you’re going. Choose a new route to celebrate the fact that you can see what’s in front of you. Discover new sights in your home city, thread through new neighborhoods, and discover new challenges — all while the sun kisses your skin.

6. Watch the Sun Set

Pre-Daylight Savings Time, catching a sunset meant rushing home early. No more! Take your time getting home. Stop by the store to pick up a picnic and flowers for your significant other. Drink together to the glorious pinks and purples, and revel both in each other’s company and in the fact that it’s 7PM and you don’t even feel like going to bed yet.

How will you be making the most of your afterwork extra hour of sunlight?