Mobile ErgonomicsWorking isn’t just for the office anymore. Thanks to WiFi connections everywhere and the launching of a zillion newfangled portable devices every year, the concept of Mobile Ergonomics is more important that ever.

At Goldtouch, we are big advocates for this new burgeoning field of Mobile Ergonomics. For us, Mobile Ergonomics is the idea that comfort and portability can mean the very same thing. That is, of course, with good habits and a few well-designed products like mobile ergonomic keyboards.

How can you tell if that product you’re thinking about buying adheres to the principles of Mobile Ergonomics? Besides the Goldtouch seal of approval, look for:


Portability. Naturally, a Mobile Ergonomic (ME) product will be small, lightweight and slim. It is also easily dropped into backpacks or laptop bags without the user noticing the difference in bulk or weight.

Adjustability. However, if a product is truly ME, it won’t let size reductions get in the way of comfort and fit. Ergonomic mobile keyboards and other ergonomic travel products will provide full tactile feedback to their users. They adjust to fit each individual’s unique typing and mousing styles, while also supporting wrists and joints to alleviate pain.

Compatibility. When you travel, you often can’t control your environment, but you can control the way you interact with it. We highly recommend that you choose mobile accessories that easily sync with any brands, devices, and operating systems you might encounter on the road.

Trustworthiness. Whether you’re making an important sales presentation or working on a key document, you need to be able to rely on your ergonomic products to perform consistently, wherever you are. A truly Mobile Ergonomic product will meet all of your personal and enterprise-level security standards.

Running through the PACT checklist is an easy way to tell the products that represent true Mobile Ergonomics from those that just look good. But there’s a whole lot more to Mobile Ergonomics than just this. We’ll be running regular series on our blog to bring to you the latest innovations from top ergonomists in this rapidly developing field.

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