Whether you’re doing office secret Santas or you’re looking for a great way to thank the entire office for your best year yet, giving your colleagues or employees a holiday gift is a great way to show that you care and appreciate all of the hard work.

But what to give?

Sure, there are little gadgets, but what’s the point if they provide only a moment’s amusement and then sit on desk tops gathering dust? Rather than doing this, it’s a much better idea to combine a unique idea with practicality, so that your gift can instead be one that keeps on giving throughout the year to come.

It just so happens that Goldtouch products are ideally suited to these purposes. If your employees or colleagues have never seen a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard before, they’ll be delighted and pleased as they play around with the vertical tenting and horizontal adjustments as they see what the keyboard can do. Long after the holidays have come and gone, they’ll marvel at how good they feel when they type and mouse on their ergonomic Goldtouch products all day. They’ll be more productive, have more mental space for creativity (since they’ll no longer be battling pain), and hey! For once they won’t have a crick in their necks!

Take a look at our top suggestions to give this holiday season:

GTP-0044-1 keyboardThe Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard for Mac & PC (USB)

This slim, lightweight keyboard will suit every worker’s mobile lifestyle. With a full 30 degrees of tenting, set it up at the office for a fully customized typing experience. Fold it up and pack it into a laptop bag for work at home. At a client’s office. In the airport. Or really, wherever there’s a flat surface.

GTP-0044W split keyboardThe Goldtouch Go!2 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for Mac & PC

The wireless version of the Goldtouch Go!2 will keep the keyboarding experience tangle-free — an important feature for on-the-go workers with stuffed laptop bags. Lightning fast Bluetooth technology makes pairing with both Mac and PC a breeze.

Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard and Laptop and Tablet Stand BundleGTLS-0099w-1 laptop and tablet stand

Don’t stop at just one Goldtouch product. With this bundle, enjoy pain-free typing while also getting rid of the pain in the neck Pains in the Neck that occur when staring at a screen that is placed too high or low, and at the wrong distance. Simply place a tablet or laptop into the laptop and tablet stand, position it at such a distance so that the neck is in a neutral position, and hook the device up to the Goldtouch Go!2 keyboard for a fully ergonomic desktop that is entirely mobile.

There you have it, our gifting guide for gifts that keep on giving. These keyboards last, they will help reduce pain and strain, and they will adjust to fit you! What more could you ask for this holiday season.

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