hack your workspace binder clipsYou don’t have to believe in the principles of feng shui to know that the design and flow of your workspace can have a serious impact on your workday. This includes how much you get done, how much energy you have, and whether or not you’re happy actually being there. For most of us, unfortunately, knocking a hole in the wall so that we can enjoy a little more sunlight isn’t an option for remodeling our space (or at least, not if we want to keep our jobs). Instead, you might want to consider:

1. Bringing Your Own Lighting From Home

Nothing makes staying awake more difficult than working in a dark space. The alternative, fluorescent lighting, is downright headache inducing. To overcome both of these problems, try bringing your own yellow-hued lamps from home. Then, add them either to your desk or cubicle wall. Likewise, year-round Christmas lights will keep things festive and cheery. And for the love of all that is holy, ask your boss if you can get those fluorescents switched off overhead.

2. Get Organized With Binder Clips

Binder clips can do so much more than keep papers together. They’re a great way to keep wires from tangling — both those attached to your devices and your headphones. Hang them from the edge of your desk and they’re a great place to organize rubber bands and paper clips and so much more. Take it from us, you’ll feel much better at your desk if it’s organized.

3. Lobby for Ergonomic Accessories

There’s nothing more distracting at work than being in constant pain. Ergonomic accessories like an adjustable comfort keyboard, an ergonomic mouse and a laptop and tablet stand can radically change the way you work, simply by guiding your body into its ideal working positions and providing support throughout the workday. Using these accessories will bring joy back into your day. They will also prevent you — and your employer — from having costly surgeries and missing a lot of work later on as the problems get worse.

For more excellent tips of this vein, we highly recommend reading, 17 DYI Office Hacks to Make Work More Tolerable.

How have you hacked your office for productivity and comfort? Let us know in the comments below.

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