Image credit: Ergo Depot How to make your own standing desk

Image credit: Ergo Depot

With more and more evidence about the dangers of sitting all day piles up, it is clearer than ever that the traditional office desk and chair need a rethink. For those who are physically able, a standing desk is a great solution, as standing all day will force your muscles to constantly adjust in order to keep you upright. This keeps them working in new ways, can improve your posture (as long as you don’t lean onto your desk), and increases your metabolic rate. However, if you don’t have the budget for a fancy standing or adjustable desk, don’t worry. There are a number of ways you can make your own standing desk.

1) Make Good Use of Bookshelves

Think those bookshelves are only good for storing books and photos? Think again. Shelves can easily be anchored to your desk to provide a little extra height. Alternatively, you can anchor a flat shelf directly to the wall, placing your screen and your ergonomic keyboard up there while leaving your desk free for any task that still requires sitting. This way, you can toggle between standing and sitting throughout the day as you train yourself up to more prolonged stands.

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2) Build Your Own Desk

Dream desk doesn’t exist in your price range? Just build your own! There are many ways to do so, even without being a master carpenter. You could, for example, stack a table top, on top of a filing cabinet, or simply move the workbench you use for repairs into the office. The website Ikea Hackers is full of ideas for these kinds of projects, and there are a number of ways to typical items and re-purpose them for your means.

3) Stack Items On Top of Your Desk

Books again are great for this purpose, as are milk cartons and even boxes. Just make sure to make your stack multi-tiered, with your screen at one level and your ergonomic keyboard a little lower down for a fully ergonomic standing workstation.

For a deeper look at more ideas on how to make your own standing desk, we highly recommend reading, 15 Ideas to Buy or Build Your Perfect Standing Desk.

Have you built your own standing desk? If so, we’d love to see links to photos of your hacks in the comments below!

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