An Introduction to Laptop Stand Benefits

The basic structure of a laptop does not lend itself to being too adjustable. Sure, you can tilt the monitor front and back as needed. But outside of that (or adjusting the laptop on your lap), it is pretty much stationary in regards to how you type on it and view the screen. There are no adjusters in the back to lift the screen up and down like you find on most monitors. And the keyboard is a set distance from the screen, unlike desktop keyboards where they can be positioned to find a comfortable position. So if you use a laptop for your computing, you may find that you are falling into some bad habits as far as posture goes. And that is where a laptop stand can help.

Why do people use them?

A laptop stand helps you position the laptop in a way that reduces poor posture. It gives the laptop a place to sit on and elevates the screen so it can be at your eye level (which is the proper set up). Usually people will also use an external keyboard with the stand, which also helps. This allows you to move the laptop screen an appropriate distance away, meaning less strain on the eyes.

The proper keyboard can also help minimize repetitive strain injuries that are common among people who type.  Learn more about ergonomic keyboards here.

What are the best laptop stands?

The best laptop stand will depend on the user and the particular laptop being used. But the right stand will be designed to fit the size laptop being used (Goldtouch laptop stands can hold laptops up to 17”), will be lightweight so it can easily travel with the laptop, and it will have a small profile so it does not take up a ton of space on a desk. If it doesn’t check off these features, you may want to look for a different laptop stand.

Is it worth buying a laptop stand for myself?

If you use a laptop for work, your employer may have laptop stands available for you to use, or be willing to order one. If so, that’s great. Employers should take a vested interest in making sure employees are not only comfortable in their workspace, but also look to minimize the possibility for getting injured. By making their employees’ workspaces more ergonomic, they are doing just that.

But if your employer won’t buy one, or if you use a laptop for personal use at home, should you get one? Our take is that if you spend more than a few minutes a day on your laptop then yes, it can be worth it. By properly using the laptop stand you mitigate the chances for injury (even just a few minutes at a computer can cause aches, pains and strains). Not to mention, the right set up can make you more productive as you use your laptop, which is never a bad thing.

Want to learn more about laptop stands and which one is best for you? Check out the laptop stand choices we offer to get more details.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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