Your standard keyboard wasn’t designed for you. Repeated use causes pain, fatigue, even injury. They cost employers big in lost productivity. You’ll know how to turn things around once you read these ergonomic keyboard benefits.

Businessman suffering from wrist pain in office

Your day would be a challenge even under the best circumstances. You’re working longer hours than people in your position from previous generations, and when you go home there are still too many things on your list. It’s like something in your environment is silently eroding your ability to be more productive and make more money. As simple as it sounds, that something could be your standard keyboard. The many ergonomic keyboard benefits could turn your situation around.

An ergonomic keyboard is one that is designed to fit your hands, your body type. Manufacturers know you’ll buy your computer or laptop because of what it can do, so they cut costs by throwing in the cheapest keyboard they can get away with. Using it for just 20 minutes a day can lead to injury because it forces you to repeatedly hold your hands, elbows and arms in unnatural positions.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboards revolutionize the workplace because they reduce the risk of injury, boost productivity and prevent fatigue. Let’s look at seven of the top ergonomic keyboard benefits.

Reduce Workplace Stress

Workplace stress costs employers billions. That’s according to a Colonial Life study of 1,505 full-time employees. Half of all employees surveyed said they lose between one and five hours of work to stress each week. If you’re an employer, workplace stress is costing you money. If you’re an employee, it could be interfering with your ability to get a raise or promotion, so it’s costing you money too.

Employees shared these eye-opening statistics.

  • 41 percent said workplace stress made them less productive.
  • 33 percent reported becoming disengaged when they feel stressed.
  • 15 percent said a stressful workplace caused them to look for a new job.
  • 14 percent said they called in more frequently because of stress-induced physical issues.

What does this have to do with ergonomic keyboard benefits? The American Institute of Stress reviewed several similar studies and found 12 percent of workers complained of hurting hands. Their computer and mouse cause them hand and wrist pain day in and day out. Nobody can maintain peak focus and productivity in those conditions. An ergonomic split keyboard takes hand, arm and wrist strain out of the equation to reduce workplace stress.

Ergonomic Keyboards Improve Comfort

Maybe you’re wondering if your standard keyboard is really that bad. If you’re sitting in front of one, rest your fingers on the keys like you’re about to start typing. Now relax your hands and shoulders. Note how they don’t stay on the keys. Your hands roll out, your elbows get closer to your body and your shoulders relax.

That’s because your starting position was completely unnatural. When you start typing, the problem gets even worse. Your forearms are cramped and your fingers have to repeatedly stretch at awkward angles to reach keys. Your keyboard may require forceful tapping to strike each letter, sending a miniscule shockwave up delicate finger bones over and over.

One of the biggest ergonomic keyboard benefits is improved comfort. Your hands and arms rest in a natural position. You can adjust your ergonomic split keyboard to fit you exactly for the most comfortable typing you’ve ever experienced.

Typing Injuries are Best Treated by Prevention

Repeating the same unnatural movements over and over causes incremental damage that can lead to serious injury. The carpal tunnel is a passageway in your wrist about an inch across. Carpal bones make an arch on the top and sides and a ligament encloses the tunnel on your palm side. Those components protect your carpal nerve, but it’s an extremely packed, tight area. Daily contortion causes swelling, irritates the nerve and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is similar. You perform the same uncomfortable movement over and over, and your hands, wrists and arms become damaged. Without treatment, the symptoms get worse and cause longer periods of pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI and other wrist pain issues take time and often medical attention to heal. You don’t need that kind of complication. One of the ergonomic keyboard advantages is that they prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

A Comfortable Work Environment Boosts Productivity

If your keyboard causes fatigue, it keeps you from being your most productive self. If you pay employees to accomplish tasks and pain or frustration slows them down, it costs you money. Ergonomic keyboard benefits include improved productivity.

If your goal is to complete an endurance event, you give yourself the best chance of success with comfortable shoes and attire designed for performance. When your goal is a successful fishing expedition you choose a boat, lures, poles and other equipment designed for what you want to catch. If you want workplace productivity, you need an ergonomic keyboard designed to enhance your ability to work.

Show Employees You Care

It costs you time and money when good employees quit. Surveys show people leave because they have conflict with their boss, they’re looking for stronger corporate culture or they get a better offer somewhere else. You may not be able to give everyone a raise or fix every interpersonal issue, but you can show them you care about their comfort and well-being.

In the 2019 State of Workplace Empathy Study, a leading HR software company found 93 percent of employees say they’re more likely to stay with an empathetic employer. When bosses focus on holistic well-being, employees feel valued. Share ergonomic keyboard benefits so your staff knows their comfort and long-term health is a high priority for your organization.

Avoid Workers Comp Claims

If carpal tunnel syndrome and RSIs require medical attention, and they usually do, your employees may need worker’s compensation benefits. If you’re an employer, here are a few of the ways that will cost you:

  • Doctor and rehabilitation facility bills
  • Paid time off work
  • Loss of employee production time
  • Loss of management time while managers investigate the injury
  • Damaged morale as other employees wonder if they’re at risk of injury
  • Legal fees if the claim becomes litigated

With an ergonomic keyboard, the damage never occurs in the first place.

Designed for the Heavy Use

Some computer users are especially at risk for keyboard-related injury and fatigue. If you use a computer regularly for work or play, you need a keyboard designed for the way the human body works. The best ergonomic keyboard for you can be adjusted to what you do.

When developers and software engineers switch to an ergonomic keyboard for programmers, long days spent at the computer no longer result in cramped, tired hands. An ergonomic keyboard for gaming might even improve response times, dexterity and precision.

Many Ergonomic Keyboards Can Go With You Anywhere

Try to use a standard keyboard on an airplane or in a coffee shop and you’ll find yourself even more uncomfortable. One of users favorite ergonomic keyboard benefits is their portability. For example, the Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard works with your office desktop, but it’s also easy to take along wherever you work.

You’re no longer tied to your desk. Plus, since you don’t have to switch back and forth between your split keyboard and a standard keyboard, you maintain peak productivity.

Start Experiencing Ergonomic Keyboard Benefits

The costs of sticking with a cheap keyboard not designed for you include pain, fatigue, workplace stress and potential injury. Instead, you could leave work having accomplished more than ever, feeling energized instead of exhausted.

To start experiencing ergonomic keyboard benefits, explore the full Goldtouch collection. Or, go straight to the new model so many customers are raving about and order the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard for PC and Mac now.

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