Mobile WorkersFrom the skies to the roads, so many of today’s most dedicated workers operate far outside of the traditional office building. While that may be great for securing customer relationships, making a big pitch, ensuring a buyout goes well, and getting to see a destination that’s always been on your bucket list, travel can take a heavy toll on your mind and body. That’s why the savviest mobile workers know they’ve got to have their own strategies for keeping productivity high and stress levels low.

To determine just how they do it, we asked them the following question:

When you’re traveling for business, what is the one thing you always bring with you to make sure you can still get your work done?
Their answers are as follows:

“I always travel with a sketchbook.  That way I can take notes, jot ideas down, explain designs to clients, or just pass time waiting for planes and meetings. I also take a clip board so I can write while I walk around the job site.”

Lorrie Tumlinson, Project Designer, NoackLittle Architecture & Interiors

“If my computer were to meet its demise, the ONLY way I could effectively do my job, would be to work off my cell phone.  Working for a large tech company, I have to be able to be in touch, on the internet and reachable by others.  My email is my main form of communication and the lifeline to do my job.  I could suffer through without my computer…but if I didn’t have a phone or a computer…I would be dead in the water and unable to complete my day to day job functions.”

Bridey Wiles, Regional Corporate Security Manager, Dell

Answers with more than 1 item

“When I travel I always bring a copy of the Wall Street Journal. A 3 hour flight is just about the only time I have to read the WSJ from front to back. I always bring my leather bound journal and Mont Blanc pen on business trips. In my line of work, note taking is important. Whether its an interesting investment idea or a certain statistic I want to reference later, being able to reference the notes from my out of town meetings is crucial. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel that pulling out a laptop in the middle of a business meeting is very unprofessional.”

Donnie Simoneaux, Chief Investment Officer, Waterloo Capital

“When I am traveling I always make sure that I have my portable accessories to ensure that I can stay charged on any device I have and need to use, am able to work without pain or discomfort, am able to get connected anywhere and have access to something that allows me to unwind. I have a mental checklist that I always follow.

This checklist includes insuring that I have all the necessary power cords and adaptors, a portable mouse with good batteries (and a spare set), my portable wireless connection device, my cell phone bluetooth charged and connected, ebooks, movies and music downloaded to both my laptop and cell phone, and if it is a longer trip or full of meetings, even a portable keyboard or digital recorder so that note taking is easier. Some say I travel too “heavy” but I strive to be prepared and productive whether I am traveling or not. I would rather be over prepared than caught by surprise.”

Cathi Allen, Worldwide Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dell, Inc.

“I always bring along my travel bundle from Goldtouch in my carry on bag. Whether I’m at the airport, hotel, or customer site, I can quickly replicate my office environment with the laptop stand, full-sized ergonomic keyboard, and external comfort mouse.”

Nate Hantgin, Enterprise Sales Manager, Goldtouch, Inc.

What items are must-haves for your business trips? Let us know in the blog comments.

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