Spending forty hours a week or more sitting in your office at a computer can surely take a toll on your body – even more so if you’re not using the appropriate ergonomic office products. Making your office more ergonomic may seem overwhelming, but with the right accessories, you can quickly be on your way to improving your overall health without sacrificing productivity.

Below we’ve rounded up our favorite ergonomic office products to improve your workflow and boost your health. Remember, upgrading your office ergonomics doesn’t require a large budget or major overhauls – even small tweaks can make the largest difference.

#1: Ergonomic Keyboards

By far, the most common office accessory consumers think of when discussing office ergonomics is an ergonomic keyboard.  A standard keyboard is straight and flat, which causes users to keep their hands in unnatural and uncomfortable positions. This positioning is actually one of the largest contributors to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries.

Ergonomic keyboards pull apart at the middle and adjust from zero to thirty degrees on both the horizontal and vertical planes to help align and straighten the wrists, arms, and shoulders. The flexibility allows each individual user to customize their workflow resulting in the ultimate comfort.

Of course, not all ergonomic keyboards are created equally. Goldtouch’s keyboards are thin and lightweight, and users can select between hardwired and wireless options based on their preferences. On top of the flexibility they offer, our keyboards go through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand even the busiest users.

#2: Ergonomic Mice

The perfect complement to an ergonomic keyboard is an ergonomic mouse. Using an ergonomic mouse helps prevent what’s known as “mouse arm,” which unfortunately feels very similar to a tennis elbow. Mouse arm is caused by the repetitive scrolling and clicking motions computer users perform every day. Similar to typing on a standard keyboard, using a standard mouse can cause repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

When you use a standard mouse, your wrist is flat against your desk, causing undue stress to those muscles and joints. An ergonomic mouse keeps your wrist lifted between twenty and ninety degrees and provides the support your wrist needs to navigate your computer. Ergonomic mice also reduce the amount of movement you’ll have to make by placing all buttons within reach of your fingers, so you don’t have to strain to find them.

An important distinction to make with ergonomic mice is that just because they’re ergonomic doesn’t mean they’re bulky. In fact, Goldtouch offers a variety of mice, perfect for both stationary and mobile workflows. We also provide mice for left-hand users and those looking for the scalability our FlexMouse offers.

#3: Standing Desks

With many physicians likening excessive sitting to smoking, limiting the amount of sitting we do at work is essential. In fact, long periods of sitting are linked closely to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, and a shorter life expectancy. To prevent these serious health problems while still maintaining your productivity at work, consider adding a standing desk.

Standing desks – particularly convertible standing desks – make it easy to switch between sitting and standing. This seamless transition allows you to keep your computer, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories in place as you move between sitting and standing.

Goldtouch has designed the ultimate standing desk for workplace flexibility – the EasyLift Desk. Our desk offers a moveable keyboard tray so you can move it up or down to find your most comfortable position. In fact, the entire desk has forty steps of height adjustment, making it the perfect addition for users of all heights and desks of all sizes. Finally, the EasyLift Desk accommodates up to three monitors, and it rests upon your desk, so you truly don’t have to sacrifice your favorite office pieces.

While we certainly hope the above information on our favorite three ergonomic office products was helpful, keep in mind that there are dozens of other options to choose from. Goldtouch also offers numeric keyboards, laptop stands, monitor arms, and mouse and wrist pads. No matter if you’re just getting started in making your office more ergonomic or you’re looking to embark on a full makeover, Goldtouch has the accessories you need. Browse through our site and contact us today with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you!