Ergonomic Setup For A Laptop

Whether you use a laptop as your traditional desktop, for leisure, or travel, it shouldn’t come as a shock to tell you laptops don’t offer the best ergonomic design. From the height of the screen and resulting posture, the trackpad, and the keyboard, there are a number of aspects related to your setup that could be cause for ergonomic concern. Let’s take a look at each of these below and provide a solution for all.

The Height of the Screen

The Height of the screen. Looking at a screen for extended periods of time is already straining on the eyes. Couple that with a screen that is positioned too low, so you have to hunch over to see the screen properly, and now you have introduced another problem.

It is obvious this isn’t a good posture for you to maintain for any length of time. That is why it is a great idea to get a Laptop/Tablet Stand to bring your laptop up to the proper height at eye level.

The great things about this laptop stand include:

  • Takes up very little space, and is about the same size as an iPad
  • Folds out nice and easy for use and will fold up taking up little space in your travel bag.
  • Has 6 height adjustment positions.
  • Can help to relieve neck issues caused by bending your head down to see the screen.
  • The neoprene cover can double as a mouse pad.

This is the first step of a better ergonomic setup for a laptop. Browse laptop/tablet stands here.

The Trackpad

Using a laptop trackpad is not the best option when it comes to laptop ergonomics, and if you have found that your wrist or fingers start to hurt after using a laptop trackpad for a while, or even that it takes a lot longer to navigate using a laptop trackpad, we suggest trying an external ergonomic mouse.

To discover what ergonomic mice will fit your hand size, we recommend using our Mouse Sizing Guide. There will still be some mouse choices to consider once you enter your hand size, so we recommend checking out this article to determine what the best computer mouse is for you, or this article if you have small hands.

With all Goldtouch ergonomic mice, some of the benefits include:

  • Helps to lift the hand off of the surface so that you are moving more from your shoulder instead of the wrist.
  • Reduces contact pressure
  • Mouse with your full arm instead of just your wrist and fingers.
  • Oversized buttons for easy click and reach
  • Ergonomic shape keeps your hand in a relaxed position
  • Reduces fatigue and injury

Try adding an ergonomic mouse to improve your laptop experience. Make sure it is positioned right next to your keyboard. Browse Goldtouch ergonomic mice here.

The Keyboard

So at this point you have your laptop screen up to eye level, and you have an external ergonomic mouse, what you need now is an external ergonomic keyboard. Typing on a traditional flat keyboard can cause wrist flexion or extension, wrist pronation, and radial or ulnar deviation. Basically what this means is that flat keyboards do not adjust so users have to move their wrists in uncomfortable positions in order to type. The arms are usually bent and in an unnatural position.

By using an adjustable ergonomic keyboard like the Goldtouch keyboards that allow users to tent and splay their keyboard from 0-30 degrees, it makes it easier for users to find a position that their wrists are more comfortable and therefore more ergonomic. Goldtouch offers both desktop and travel ergonomic keyboard versions. If your keyboard isn’t adjustable, it isn’t ergonomic.

Some great features to expect from Goldtouch keyboards are:

  • 0-30 degree adjustments on both the horizontal and vertical planes
  • Great fit for a relaxed natural, neutral position of the wrists.
  • Accommodates people with different shoulder widths.
  • Patented locking lever and ball joint that locks into the best position for you.
  • Can start off in a flat position and gradually tent and splay to get used to the feeling.

Browse Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards here.

By following the steps above, you can have a full ergonomic setup wherever you go with just your laptop and a few accessories. This ergonomic setup for a laptop will leave you feeling more productive and refreshed by reducing your pain and frustration levels. By adjusting your laptop workstation with the tips described above, it will be much easier to work for longer hours on a laptop.