*Updated October 26, 2020

Is there such a thing as a perfect computing mouse for everyone? No, not really because everyone’s preferences are different, but this article will aim to help you know what to look for.

Ideally, your mouse should be angled anywhere from 20 degrees to 90 degrees (to avert wrist pronation or twisting inward of the wrist) and will place all buttons within easy reach of your fingers so you don’t have to overreach to find what you need. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular mice and the differing opinions.

The Comfort Mouse:

Goldtouch wired mouse

This mouse comes in 3 versions, USB Right-Handed, USB Left-Handed, and Bluetooth Wireless (Right-Handed).

The Comfort Mouse moves your wrist into an ideal 24 degree angle, eliminating the discomfort caused by wrist pronation and an oversized thumb cushion encourages a more comfortable grip. It was designed to mirror your hand in a weightless environment and support the arm’s natural position, thereby alleviating pressure on tendons and joints. The DPI of the mouse is 1000.

Here’s what users say about the Comfort Mouse:
“I like the comfort and feel of this mouse. I like my hand resting over the mouse instead of a vertical position.”

“This is my go to mouse. It fits the natural contour of my hand best.”

“I like the 24 degree angle of the mouse. It slightly tilts my wrist up and away from a pronated posture. The easy click buttons are great, and it also comes in Bluetooth which is convenient. I wish it was larger, it’s a little small for my hand.”

“Nice touch with light, bigger buttons – but I needed more of an angle.”

The Semi-Vertical Mouse:

Goldtouch semi vertical mouse

The Semi-Vertical Mouse comes in both Right-Handed USB and Right-Handed Wireless versions. This mouse was created with an optimal slope of 66 degrees for the users who want a mouse that is midway between a traditional ergonomic mouse and vertical mouse. There is a detachable ergo-grip flange to help keep the palm off the surface of the desk. Also, there are DPI settings ranging from 1000-2500 for the Wired version and 800-1600 for the Wireless version. This mouse has optional downloadable drivers in order to program the 6 buttons to user preferences.

Here’s what users say about the Semi-Vertical Mouse:
“This is by far my favorite mouse and the one I use every day. Love the 66 degree angle. It puts you even further away from the pronated point and is a really nice comfortable natural position for my hand. Love the flange, and it keeps my hand off the surface of the desk. I also really like the rubber coating on the mouse – it gives it a really nice feel. The multiple DPI selections and counterweights in the bottom are nice additions.”

“Perfect angle – nice weight – very comfortable.”

“It fits my hand, I like the angle and it takes the pressure off my hand and wrist. I was even using it 2 days after a major surgery on my right hand and wrist and it was comfortable.”

“It fits my hand well, but for me I prefer less vertical positioning.”

“I prefer my hands not to be in a vertical or slant vertical position.”

Shop Ergonomic Mice

Goldtouch semi-vertical wireless ergonomic mouse with dongle
Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wireless (Right-Handed) Medium w/ Dongle
Goldtouch semi-vertical mouse for right-handed users
Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wired (Right-Handed) Medium
Goldtouch USB comfort mouse for right-handed users
Goldtouch USB Comfort Mouse | Right-Handed
Goldtouch bluetooth wireless comfort ergonomic mouse for right-handed users
Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Comfort Mouse | Right-Handed Only

The Flex Mouse:

The Flex Mouse comes with four interchangeable mousing backs, ranging from Small to X-Large, to take the guess work out of selecting the mouse that will fit your hand best. The additional attachments don’t have to go unused since smaller attachments can be used for tasks that require more precision, whereas larger attachments can be used for general use to maximize comfort.

The Flex Mouse comes in both Wired Right-Handed and Wireless Right-Handed versions. This mouse has the same ergonomic shape as the Goldtouch Comfort Mouse, a 24 degree angle that helps to eliminate the discomfort caused by wrist pronation. The DPI ranges from 800-2000 for the Wired mouse and 1000-2000 for the Wireless mouse.

The Evoluent Mouse:

Evoluent computer Mouse

The Evoluent Mouse has a 90 degree angle to support the hand in a relaxed handshake position that can eliminate forearm twisting. It has 6 programmable buttons and variable pointer speeds ranging from extra low to high. DPI ranges from 1300-2600.

Here’s what users say about the Evoluent Mouse:
“I love it! Perfect angle and grip – nice size for my hand. Tiny bit of a learning curve since there are 3 side buttons.”

“Mouse is too vertical in my opinion and it seems to me like I have to ‘chase’ the mouse and grip it to maintain control.”

“I tried this mouse for a few days, still had pressure points.”

The Newtral 3 Mouse:

The Newtral 3 Mice come in three Right-Hand Wireless sizes, a Wired Medium size, and Wireless Left-Handed Medium size for a total of five different variations. This mouse has a 33 degree angle for a more natural position for the wrist and forearm. It features an ergo flange for ultimate precision tasks or for complete ergo comfort, and DPI ranging from 750-3000 for Wired and 800-2400 for Wireless versions. It also features 6 programmable buttons.

Here’s what users say about the Newtral 3 Mouse:
“Great mouse and easy to move around.”

“The first mouse I have felt comfortable using.”

“Client was very excited about this one. She loves it very much. She uses both the left and right hand mouse and this one worked really well..”

Rockstick 2 Mouse:Rockstick 2 Mouse

The Rockstick 2 Mouse is an ambidextrous vertical mouse that comfortably cradles the hand. It helps alleviate tension and pressure in the arm and wrist by holding the hand in a neutral handshake position. To click, users rock the mouse back and forth utilizing the strength of the entire hand, rather than just the fingers alone. DPI ranges from 400-2000.

Here’s what users say about the Rockstick 2 Mouse:
“Perfect for CAD Drawing.”

“Nice grip, but too vertical for me.”

“I don’t care for the click motions of the Rockstick, I find that I make too many unintentional clicks.”

The Takeaway…

So there you have it, a breakdown of all of our most popular mice. As you can probably tell from the user comments, the ultimate decision comes down to user preferences, do you like your hand to be super angled in a vertical position or angled slightly closer to the 20 degree mark? Do you prefer interchangeable grip options or doesn’t it matter? Do you need high DPI settings or are the lower settings ok for you?

Any ergonomic mouse with an angle from 20 degrees to 90 degrees is acceptable, and the rest of the preferences are up to you. If you need more help deciding, check out the specs on each product page, or call Goldtouch to speak to a representative.

Top Mice for General Use:
Comfort Mouse
Semi-Vertical Mouse
Flex Mouse
Evoluent Mouse
Newtral 3 Mouse
Ambidextrous Mouse *perfect for users who want to switch between left and right-handed use throughout the day

Top Mice for Precision tasks:
Newtral 3 Mouse
Semi-Vertical Mouse
Evoluent Mouse

Top Wireless Mice:
Comfort Mouse
Semi-Vertical Mouse
Flex Mouse
Newtral 3 Mouse

Top Left-Handed Mice:
Comfort Mouse
Newtral 3 Mouse
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Left-Handed