Productivity Hacks Businessman TimerArticles and blog posts about productivity hacks offer many helpful tips for getting more done at work, but how about that hour or two you spend commuting every day? When approached the right way, this is a great time to prepare for your day, put the finishing touches on a big project, get ahead before vacation or simply center yourself for the day to come. You might want to:

1) Listen to educational podcasts and audiobooks

Find ones that keep you abreast of the latest findings in  your industry. Alternatively, this is a great time to complete studies for a continuing education course. Some courses are again available via audiobook or podcast. Others, however, will require reading, so save these for your commute on a bus or train.

2) Work on a project or catch up on reading

Use you laptop or tablet as you ride public transport to work on these tasks.

3) If you’re riding a train or company bus with Wi-Fi

This is also a great time to offer feedback on cloud-based documents or send a few emails. A mobile ergonomic keyboard will help you get through these tasks even faster, and it can be easily placed in your lap while your device can go on the tray in front of you.

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4) Get advice from a mentor.

While you can do this over the phone, this is even better done if you pick your mentor for a carpool. And you’ll save on gas, too.

5) Practice for your hobbies.

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can is NOT think about work. Instead, do a little research for one of your hobbies to broaden your perspective and reset your brain. Alternatively, if you’ll be in the privacy of your own car, practice singing that new song you wrote for your band, or a speech you’ll soon give at Toastmasters.

For more excellent tips on this topic, we highly recommend reading, What Successful People Do During Their Morning Commute.

And if you have any neat commuting productivity tricks we’ve missed her, please let us know all about them in the comments below.