ergonomic Goldtouch keyboard and numeric keypadIn any office job, the likelihood that you’re going to have to crunch numbers or otherwise deal with data entry that involves numbers is fairly high. The problem? The majority of keyboards are not laid out ideally to handle these tasks. While functional, keyboards with a built in keypad, or those relying on the keyboard’s top row number keys are missing out on a better way to handle number crunch. A more ergonomic way.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be confined to using the numbers at the top of your keyboard or to the side. An external numeric keypad will handle all your data entry needs, while providing you with a better ergonomic workstation layout. If you’re interested in purchasing a keypad for your workspace but need to know what it really has to offer, let’s take a look at the many benefits of a numeric keypad in the brief guide below.

3 Benefits of a Dedicated Numeric Keypad

1. The ergonomic design reduces repetitive stress injuries and other wrist injuries.

Using a traditional keyboard setup to input numbers is not the best way to go about number entry. The numbers can be cumbersome to navigate on a keyboard when trying to input large amounts of data in one sitting. That’s why a dedicated external numeric keypad is key. The numbers are more conveniently placed within a dedicated space, making it easier to navigate the numbers you’re looking for.

A numeric keypad allows you to control where you place your keypad. This is important because keyboards with a built in numeric keypad take up a larger space on your workspace. This means that the regular position you have to mouse in will be farther away, causing your shoulder to be in a less than desirable position. Regular mousing in this position can lead to a shoulder impingement, wrist pain, and repetitive stress injuries. If you’re tired of being in pain because you’re using the built-in keypad or the numbers at the top of the keyboard, an ergonomic keypad is going to be a great product for your needs.

2. Gone are the days of struggling to rely on the uppermost part of your keyboard.

If you’re trying to boost your efficiency and productivity, you’ll find that the current layout of your keyboard doesn’t offer the most support in this area. Trying to use the Num Lock keys, or navigate the top row of numbers, and streamline data entry is a pain point for many.

While there’s always going to be a bit of a learning curve when switching over to a new tool like a numeric keypad, the reality is that it’s faster for number entry, can easily be operated with one hand, and is designed to be simple and accurate. Gone are the days of having to struggle with your traditional keyboard to get numbers into your data sheets. A keypad is the right solution!

3. They take up little space in your workspace setup.

man typing on Goldtouch numeric keypad as well as a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard

Those looking to improve their productivity don’t want to clutter their workspace with a bunch of tools. After all, the more you add, the more likely you are to get distracted or overwhelmed. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with a numeric keypad. As you go about your regular daily activities, all you have to do is keep your ergonomic keyboard and mouse where you normally would. Just plug in your keypad and keep it above your mouse.

Then, when it comes time to deal with number entry, you simply move your mouse over, pull your keypad down into a comfortable position, and operate your keypad in its place. Given that these devices are compact, they take up little space in your workspace, which is important for most modern professionals.

4. You can feel the feedback of punching in your numbers.

Our numeric keypads use mechanical keypads so that you hear and feel the feedback as you enter your numbers. Each keypress can be felt clearly, perfect for precise and accurate number entry. This is a must for many of our customers.

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There are plenty of benefits associated with numeric keypads, and they’re something that every professional should have on their desk. Ready to get your own ergonomic keypad? Start here with Goldtouch. From ergonomic keyboards to keypads to laptop stands, we’re dedicated to boosting your productivity and helping you avoid repetitive stress injuries. Shop now!