Whether you’re finding the perfect equipment for your office job or looking for essential tools that will improve your comfort and productivity as you work from home, understanding all of the items that you have at your disposal makes sourcing the right products easier. Take, for example, products like the keyboard and the numeric keypad. What are the differences between the two? What are the benefits that they each have to offer? Let’s compare and contrast to better understand which is the right fit for your needs!

What Is a Keyboard?

man typing on a keyboard with right hand on mouse with a numeric keypad next to itUnless you’ve never used a laptop or keyboard before, you’re already well-acquainted with the keyboard. Whether it be the keyboard on your laptop, a traditional keyboard that plugs into your computer’s usb port (for those who use desktops), or a more ergonomic keyboard product designed to reduce common wrist injuries and offer a more streamlined experience, you already use a keyboard for day-to-day tasks in your professional life.

Keyboards are great for typing long documents, but when it comes to number crunching, they’re not the best option out there. Keyboards feature numbers on a top row of the keyboard, and also some have numbers on the right side of the keyboard that share a key with a letter key and are engaged with Num Lock. Some keyboards also feature a built in keypad on the right side of the device. But a built in numeric keypad isn’t always the best option for your keyboard. This is where numeric keypads come in.

What Is a Numeric Keypad?

man typing on a numeric keypad with a Goldtouch keyboard and mouse on the desktopAn external numeric keypad, on the other hand, is a piece of tech featuring all of the essential number keys as well as additional keys that many might need to have quick access to (enter, backspace, +,-, etc.). Numeric keypads remove the difficulty of having to access numbers via a traditional keyboard and allow for faster input with a dedicated number pad that’s much easier to operate in comparison.

What Are the Benefits of a Numeric Keypad?

man typing on a Goldtouch keyboard with a mouse next to it and a numeric keypad above the mouse in an ergonomic positionMaking the decision to use a numeric keypad instead of continuing to rely on your keyboard for numeric data entry comes with a host of benefits. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • A keyboard without a built-in numeric keypad means you can mouse closer to your keyboard as you work on various projects. Why is this important? This setup reduces the possibility of musculoskeletal impingements that can be caused by mousing too far away from your keyboard, which can happen when the keyboard is too long causing a user to have to mouse further away. It may not seem like a big change in the beginning, but compounded movements all day, every day, can cause pains over time. This is why an external keypad separate from your keyboard is key.
  • Speaking of positioning, a numeric keypad is an easier product to use. During your regular business activities, you have your keyboard and your mouse next to each other. Adding a keypad is as simple as keeping it plugged in and above your mouse on your desk. When you need it to crunch numbers, you simply move your mouse over, pull your numeric keypad down to where you can easily access it, and get to work with a tool designed specifically for your numeric data needs.
  • While lightweight keys and quiet operation are a big selling point for today’s workers, those engaging in data entry want to have the peace of mind they need knowing that all the work they’re doing is being properly logged. Numeric keypads offer this by incorporating mechanical keys into their design. Mechanical keys have switches instead of rubber, which means that you feel the feedback each time you punch in numbers — a feature many number crunchers prefer.

Find the Supportive Numeric Keypads You Need and More at Goldtouch

Overall, having a separate numeric keypad to help crunch numbers and prevent common wrist injuries on the job can offer a great deal of support for those who are constantly managing numbers in their professional lives.

Here at Goldtouch, we’re dedicated to providing you with the support you need to enhance your productivity, reduce repetitive stress injuries, and help you find products that meet your unique needs in your workspace. We offer a range of numeric keypads to choose from, PC and Mac options, as well as white or black color options.

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