With over 40 hours a week spent at our desks, it’s imperative for our health that our desk and workflow setups are ergonomically sound. While your desk, chair, keyboard, and mouse are all essential components of that ergonomic desk setup formula, so is the positioning of your body at the desk and the positioning of your computer.

If you’re looking to improve the ergonomics of your desk setup, consider this your guide! Below we will explain how to set up your office chair, desk, and other workflow tools for optimal ergonomics.

1. Desk Chair

Ergonomic Chair

The first item to adjust in your office to reduce neck strain, cramps, and finger tingling is your desk chair. If you haven’t already invested in an office chair, and you’re still using a chair you borrowed from your dining room, this is step one. Once you’ve acquired an adjustable office chair, sit in it, and start playing with the various adjustment options.

First, ensure that your chair is at an appropriate height for your feet to rest flat on the ground. Then, adjust the back of your chair to support the entirety of your back – including your lumbar and shoulders. Finally, when you sit in the chair, maintain a small gap between the back of your knees and the edge of your chair, and allow your arms to rest on the padded armrests in between typing sessions.

2. Desk

Ergonomic Desk and Monitor Setup

When it comes to your desk, the most notable components to pay attention to are its height and size. Luckily, with an adjustable desk chair, you have some flexibility when it comes to the height of your desk. Nonetheless, if you’d be interested in having sit-to-stand flexibility, consider adding a standing desk to your workflow. The Goldtouch EasyLift desk allows you to quickly move from sitting to standing without having to move your computer, monitors, or other desk equipment.

Of course, you also need to ensure your desk is large enough to accommodate your work. If you utilize multiple monitors, you will need a larger desk than someone that just uses their laptop. If you ever outgrow your desk, or just want to use the space more efficiently, you can always add monitor arms to lift your monitors above your desk and give you back the valuable real estate.

3. Computer Height

The last thing you want to do when sitting at your desk is hunch over and strain your neck and shoulders. However, even with the best chair and desk setup, this can still happen if your computer or monitors are not at an appropriate height. Your goal should always be to have your computer screen at eye-level.

If you use a desktop computer with monitors, ensure the monitors are raised enough or you’re using a monitor arm to keep your work in your line of sight. For those using laptops, invest in a laptop stand to raise your computer up, and add an external ergonomic keyboard and mouse for additional flexibility. If you plan on moving to a different room or coffee shop for temporary work, don’t forget to bring your laptop stand and tool setup with you!

4. Wireless Accessories

Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Keyboard and MouseErgonomic Keyboard and Tablet Stand

Keeping your desk flexible is always a good idea. Wireless keyboards and mice use Bluetooth to connect to your computer, so setup is a breeze! No matter if you want to move your setup inches or across the room, having a wireless keyboard and mouse will keep you mobile. Of course, don’t settle for your standard wireless keyboard and mouse – select one with ergonomic features.

An ergonomic keyboard is split in the middle and can be raised or lowered to provide you with optimal flexibility. On the other hand, an ergonomic mouse is the perfect height and hosts all the buttons close together to limit the movement you have to make when navigating your computer. Using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse will reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries in your fingers and wrists like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; combined with the flexibility of a wireless solution, using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse is a win-win.

The first step to improving your ergonomic desk setup is to browse Goldtouch’s selection of ergonomic office solutions. Choose your ergonomic keyboards, mice, and desks today!