Tranquil WorkspaceTrickling fountains, lush green plants, the Sounds of the Rainforest chirping over a set of speakers. All of these things may sound like they’re more appropriate for a spa, but a tranquil office environment can be just as important for productivity on the job as it is for a facial. This is true whether you work entirely in your own head or in a very high stress, fast paced industry; having a calming cubicle to retreat to is important in terms of recharging and rejuvenation.

Here are a few quick and inexpensive hacks that will help you turn your personal workspace into a breath of fresh air.

1) Start Cleaning

A cluttered desk often means a cluttered mind. Getting organized and cutting back on the amount you have stored on drawers, shelves, on top of your desk will help you focus on the tasks at hand, not on a mess. It will also keep your stress levels down, as you will easily locate anything you need. This may sound simplistic, but you’ll be amazed at what a little cleaning can do for your thinking.

2) Go Ergonomic

The opposite of tranquility is pain — and that’s exactly what you’ll have if you spend your entire day typing on a standard keyboard. In contrast, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse will support your muscles and joints throughout the day, and will guide your muscles into the ideal working position for you. This will prevent any distraction from discomfort, and will also keep your stress levels much lower.

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3) Soften Your Lighting

Nothing is more crazy-making in the office than harsh, buzzing fluorescent lighting. Invest instead in softer, yellow, energy efficient incandescent lamps to help promote relaxation. Just make sure you’ve got enough of them, as a lack of light will put you to sleep — and that’s a little too tranquil for the office.

For more great tips on designing a calming office, we recommend reading the article, 7 Ways to Create a More Tranquil Workspace.

How do you maintain your office space zen? Let us know in the comments below.