With almost the entire national workforce having to work from home the past couple of months (and for the foreseeable future), we’ve all had to be flexible to make balancing work with family life feasible. On top of that balancing act, we’ve had to sacrifice our cushy desk setups with ergonomic chairs, standup desks, and a variety of other perks. For those not seeing an end in sight to their work from home situation, it’s time to analyze your workday to find easy improvements you can make to create a more comfortable work from home life. For some quick changes you can make, follow our checklist below!

Step 1: Create a Dedicated Office Space

Even if you don’t have a dedicated office room in your home, you should still create a dedicated office space. Make sure that you’re not laying in bed with your laptop or lounging on the couch; not only is this bad for your posture and physical health, but it can also interfere with your mental health. Studies show that by working in your bed or other places you relax in you’ll have a more difficult time falling asleep or relaxing when it’s time to. By creating separate zones for work and play, you will be able to better balance your schedule.

Step 2: Get Up Frequently

While you don’t have the water cooler chatting or the opportunity to collaborate with a coworker across the office, you should still prioritize getting up frequently. Whether you stand up and do a few stretches, take the dog outside, or just get up and fix yourself a snack, by moving you’re improving your blood circulation. On top of the physical benefits frequent movements can offer, the mental break you’re giving your brain will be sure to pay off! Of course, some days will be easier than others, but your body will be thankful for any opportunity to move.

Step 3: Drink Water

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to drink coffee and soda all day, but what our bodies really crave is water. Most likely, it was easier to keep up with your water intake when you were in an office because of the multiple water stations and refrigerators. When you’re home and cooped up in your personal office however, the kitchen is out of sight – and you know they say out of sight, out of mind! Drinking water can help improve your concentration and prevent you from snacking on sugary snacks that can cause you a sluggish afternoon.

Step 4: Work in Blocks

For those who have children or other familial obligations at home, balancing work and family can be challenging. Coupled with closed schools and summer programs, your children need to be looked after. Luckily, most companies seem to be flexible during this unprecedented time, but it still requires some clever scheduling at home. Consider creating a block schedule that prioritizes both childcare and work, and suits the needs of both parties. Of course, you may be working different hours than your typical nine to five, but nothing about this current situation is typical.

While we hope this post has been helpful in improving your work from home life, we encourage you to read the second part of our Work From Home Series specifically talking about your desk setup. For all of your ergonomic solutions for both your office and your home office, contact Goldtouch today!