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Can’t you just picture the beach now — those lapping waves, that blue blue sky, that sun so warm on your skin? Truly, there’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a good summer getaway. But too often, preparing your employer and your colleagues for your absence can cause so much stress, you’ll want to leave for that vacation far earlier than you’d planned. Don’t let it be this way. Start planning early, taking care to pay attention to these following 3 things:

1) Assign your work to other people

If you know you can’t get ahead on all of your work, check with your colleagues to see what they can cover in your absence. Naturally, if you have a customer-facing role, you’ll need someone to take over as the go-to contact, and you should let your clients know about your vacation dates well in advanced.

2) Set boundaries.

If you can, it really is best not to work at all on your vacation so that you can rest and rejuvenate for your return to the office. However, if there’s a big deadline coming up or you know you’ll need to be accessible on email, just make sure to set clear boundaries both with your colleagues and with yourself. For example, try working only for a set time, like an hour in the morning before everyone is up, or checking email only in the afternoon. Bring along a mobile ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse to work comfortably and productively from wherever you are, no matter what the conditions.

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3) Make a to-do plan for your return.

You’ll have a much easier time getting oriented on the other side of things if you’ve already created a to-do list or scheduled a few catch-up meetings for your return. While some things will inevitably have changed, this will help you get your grounding again much more quickly as you say goodbye to a life spent drinking from coconuts.

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How do you get your work ready for a vacation? Let us know in the comments below.