In this day and age you are probably familiar with ergonomic keyboards, mice, chairs and desks, and possibly even tablet or laptop stands. If you’re looking to build a healthier, more productive workstation, you may have even invested in some of this equipment already. But one piece of equipment that can often be overlooked, or that you may be looking for more information on before buying, are wrist rests.
wrist rests for typing on keyboard

How do you use a wrist rest?

When we talk about getting a wrist rest for when you are using your keyboard, it’s a bit misleading because you should not use the rests while typing. You should place the wrist rests in front of your keyboard under where you would naturally have your palms/wrists when not typing. When you do that, you will instantly feel the support given to your wrists as they are prevented from lowering and bending backwards. When you start typing, just raise your hands a little and start typing away. If it’s your preference, return to the neutral position with your palms on the rests when done.

Why can wrist rests be important?

The main purpose of wrist rests is to provide a comfortable resting spot when you’re not typing. It can be beneficial to use a wrist rest, especially when the alternative is placing your wrists against the hard edge of a desk surface where mechanical pressure can cause the blood flow in nerves and tissues to be cut off and can cause tissue damage. Since nutrients are not able to get to the tissue in the wrist, and waste products cannot get out, this habit leads to inflammation and tissue breakdown.

So how long does it takes to get used to using wrist rests once you add them to your workstation?

Everybody is different and will adjust at different speeds. But with regular use most people will stop feeling like the wrist rests are a nuisance after a few days. However, some will take a few weeks to get used to them being there. But once you are adjusted to having them at your workstation, it will often feel strange to not have a soft place to rest your wrists.
wrist rest for typing on keyboard

What are they made out of?

Goldtouch offers two different styles of wrist rests for the keyboard. One is a two-piece gel wrist rest set (each is 7 inches x 3 inches). The other is a longer one-piece gel wrist rest (16 inches x 3 inches). Each is made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel, with a Lycra covering that is stain-resistant. The one-piece version is terrific for thinner keyboards and traditional keyboards. If you use an adjustable keyboard, the two-piece wrist rest set is great because it allows you to move the rests as you adjust the height or splay angle of the keyboard.

While wrist rests are not the most well-known product when it comes to building an ergonomic workstation, they should not be ignored. When positioned and utilized properly, they can help mitigate pain and pressure that can build up between typing if you are resting your wrists on the edge of the desk. Along with providing a more comfortable experience at the keyboard, this allows you to be more productive.

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