ergonomic keyboard that is secureDo you ever take a moment to realize how prevalent smart technology is in our lives? Or how often we don’t give a second thought to entering information into a keypad or keyboard in order to use something that will make our lives easier?

At some point it makes sense to take a step back about the technology you use, and whether you are sure that it is safe and secure. With stories about hacks and personal data being stolen hitting the news on what seems like a daily basis, it can be beneficial to be wary of how secure any technology at home, at work or in your car actually is.

So are Bluetooth keyboards secure?split ergonomic keyboard

Let’s put you at ease right off the bat. Goldtouch Bluetooth keyboards are indeed secure. The encryption comes from the operating system when users type in their pairing code. The security comes at the software level of what is on the Apple or Windows device. As long as you set up your Bluetooth keyboard correctly, you don’t have to worry about it not being secured.

(NOTE: This is for keyboards only. The mice don’t have the same security because it isn’t necessary. Random clicks on the screen wouldn’t tell hackers much. But typing in information on a keyboard could potentially give hackers a lot of information you don’t want them to have.)

So when you are using a Bluetooth keyboard from Goldtouch, you can be confident that the keyboard itself will not be hacked. We do recommend that you regularly update your computer’s security software and/or antivirus programs to help protect your computer and other devices that you use. Without doing so your computer may become vulnerable to viruses, malware or other security issues.

Do you have other questions about our technology? Let us know. We’re happy to provide you with information on all of our ergonomic products that can make your life easier. You can start to get a feel for Goldtouch and our products by learning what an ergonomic keyboard is and how it can benefit you.

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