Business Travel
Of all the industries in the world, airlines enjoy the distinction of being amongst the most consistently reviled. From long waits in security lines (which, to be fair, the airlines have nothing to do with, but it tends to get lumped there), to overbooked flights, seats that get smaller and smaller, and awful food (that you now have to pay for), there are a lot of reasons flying for business can be miserable.

Flights Don’t Have to be Miserable

At least not according to this excellent LifeHacker article, How to Ensure Your Next Flight Doesn’t Suck. Not surprisingly the article’s premiere tip is to pack as lightly as possible. And to absolutely under no circumstances check your bag. Perhaps more unique is the idea of packing in a more flexible or soft bag like a duffel with wheels. This is so that you can better mold it to fit around other items in cramped overhead bins.

Pack With TSA in Mind

One easy way to speed your way through security is to dress and pack specifically with the TSA in mind. Pack your liquids and gels in a ziplock bag, and then keep that bag easily accessible so you can just pull it out when the time comes. If you travel often for work, it’s a good idea to keep this ziplock permanently packed, so you don’t have re-find all of your 3-oz items every time you embark. Additionally, before you head out the door to the airport, it’s best to pull slip-on slip-off shoes onto those feet of yours rather than those you have to lace up and down.

Onboard Comfort

To ensure comfort onboard, a blowup pillow that you can deflate on the other end is also a great investment. This is a tip for you and your seat neighbor, so you don’t wind up sleeping on their shoulder. Earplugs or a pair of excellent headphones are also essential for blocking out crying babies and loud engines. You’d also do well to go beyond the standard “aisle or window” designation when picking your seat. Check a site like SeatGuru to see all of the essential stats on each seat. Stats include the amount of legroom or whether or not the recline button is broken.

For more excellent tips on making flying for business a little more manageable, we recommend checking out the LifeHacker article as well as the best Ergonomic Travel Equipment.

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