ergo holiday seasonWhether you’re wrapping approximately a million presents or hoisting a tree onto the roof of your car (lift with the knees!), the ergo holiday season can be as rough on your body as it is on your bank account. By the time January 1st rolls around, you’ll be rubbing your wrists and stretching your back like there’s no tomorrow. This holds just as true in the office as it does at home, as there are ample parties to throw and clients to thank creatively. To help you on your route to ergonomic success, here are a few ergo-friendly ways to ensure your holiday season at the office is as comfortable and productive as the rest of your year.

1.  Keep Decorations — and Treats — Within Reach

It may be tempting to string that tinsel from the rafters, but you’re sure to strain your back reaching for the ceiling — and we’re not even going to talk about what will happen when you tumble off that rolling office chair you’ve somehow convinced yourself is a step ladder. And hey, if you’re on the shorter end of the height spectrum, even reaching for that candy bowl placed high on a standing desk could result in injury or strain; likewise, hunching over a short table isn’t great for tall people either.

Make your ergo holiday season fun egalitarian by placing it all within range of the average person. Your sweet tooth and decorator’s eye will thank you just as much as your musculoskeletal system.

2. Type Up Your Thank You Cards with an Ergo Keyboard

Sure, handwritten notes have that nice personal touch, but when you have hundreds of business clients, customers, and partners to thank, your wrists, fingers, and arms aren’t going to feel very festive. Instead, pick out a design from a custom card site like Minted. Cards designed online can communicate that unique and thoughtful feel just as well as handwritten cards, especially when you tweak them to suit your company colors and main designs. What’s more, you’ll find you can write much more personal anecdotes when you’re typing comfortably on a split keyboard. Why limit your thoughts to a simple, “Happy Holidays and thanks for the business!” when you can type up a story about what their partnership has done for your company? So drop the pen, pick up a keyboard, and start typing!

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3. Invest in a Good Ergo Stand Mixer

ergo holiday seasonDid you draw the “bake and decorate all of the sugar cookies” straw for the upcoming holiday party? If so, then it’s high time to invest in a good stand mixer. Sure, the whole office is aware of your amazing mixing skills, but even the most impressive cook’s wrists will enjoy the boost a stand mixer will provide. No more mashing at room temperature butter, or turning dough this way and that — just add it all in, choose your setting, and do a little stretching while it mixes together into the perfect ball.

Alternatively, you could try just buying cookies — hey, it may be cheating, but at least it’s ergonomic!

4. Make It An Active Ergo Holiday Party

Fruit cake and cookies are nice, and it’s always fun to catch up with colleagues. But who said you had to sit on the conference room couches to talk the afternoon away? If you already have a pretty active and engaged workforce, a dance holiday party would be tons of fun. Or, for something a little more low key, why not host your holiday party elsewhere and have everyone walk there and back to sneak in a little exercise? Doing so will lift spirits along with heart rates and get those endorphins pumping. What a great way to inject a little holiday cheer!

5. Do an Ergo Gift Exchange

What’s the best way to get a reluctant workforce on board with an ergonomics program? Give everyone links to an ergonomics website and have them pick out office gifts to buy for a holiday gift exchange. Have every employee claim their gift upon arrival. Then, during the holiday office party, pile those gifts on a table, have each person pick out a gift, and then see if they can guess who got what. The person with the most correct guesses can receive the biggest prize of all — say, a standing desk.

Alternatively, you could try injecting some ergonomics into your Secret Santa event and incorporate that into your ergo holiday season. This would be pretty much like it sounds: arrange a Secret Santa program like you usually would, randomly assigning employees to one another. But rather than keeping the gift ideas wide open, have employees buy only ergonomic products, like ergonomic mice and chairs. Again, this is a great way to get your employees to give ergonomics a try. After all, who can turn down a gift?

In Short

The holidays are one of the best times of the year, and they’ll even better when office work continues to feel comfortable and healthy. How do you plan on using ergonomics to celebrate the ergo holiday season? Let us know in the blog comments.