Top Holiday GiftsSure, you could give your employees a Starbucks gift card for the holidays (who could turn down that seasonal caramel brulee?). And yes, everyone loves a nice holiday bonus. But what if you could give your employees the gift of health, comfort, and productivity this holiday season?

It may sound like nothing more than mythical holiday lore (unlike elves and Santa, which we still attest are entirely real), but this is a gift that’s well within your reach with ergonomic products, which will power your employees through the year to come. Let’s take a look at the top holiday gifts on the market, sure to spark a good dose of holiday cheer.

Top Holiday Gifts:

1. Laptop Travel Bags

From the sales team to your remote workers, few employees spend the bulk of their time in the company headquarters anymore. Empower that mobile lifestyle when you give the gift of a top laptop travel bag, tucking in a few pieces of mobile ergonomic peripherals for good measure; look for one that has plenty of dedicated storage space for all of these items. Think outside the traditional briefcase or shoulder bag to a style that will put less pressure on the musculoskeletal system, like a stylish, sleek backpack or a roller bag. To optimize the bag, add in a rechargeable battery pack and a good magazine. Your employee will be set up well to work on the road or at the coffee shop.

2. Standing Desks

While it may at first seem more comfortable to sit throughout the day, your employees will love working at a standing desk (or at least, they’ll learn to after some training!). Why? Sitting has long term negative health effects, like raising your employees’ risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. It’s also tough on the musculoskeletal system, and can really make that back and neck sore. When employees stand to work, they naturally engage the muscles in their legs and core, keeping their blood flow and their energy levels high. If done properly, it also eliminates the musculoskeletal issues, and can lead naturally into stretching as employees adjust. Your employees will rave about the change and thank you not just during the holiday season but long beyond!

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3. Ergonomic Chairs

That said, some employees will continue to prefer sitting at least for some of the day. That’s why it’s important to go for an adjustable desk rather than a static standing one, so employees can find their desired position throughout the day. When the employee does decide to sit, opt for an ergonomic chair that provides ample support both for the lumbar area of the back and for the arms, so that employees can take rest breaks throughout the day. Together, both of these things will encourage your employees to use proper posture, while also not straining their muscles — a situation that can often lead to injury.

4. Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a leading cause of pain and strain for office workers, both of which are prime sources for distraction and disruption of the work flow. In fact, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) in general tend to high drive up absentee rates, and seriously decrease productivity and efficiency on the job.

But you can easily address all of these problems simply by giving your employees wireless ergonomic keyboards this holiday season. These keyboards are split in the middle and are fully moveable, so employees can find a completely customized fit. This will keep them working comfortably throughout their days so that they can stay focused on the task at hand and on brainstorming innovative new ideas. Of course, this will also be a gift to your company, but it is especially good for employees, who will feel valued, cared for and encouraged on the job. This gift may also help them better grow their careers, as they’ll have more mental space and energy left for the big ideas. And your holiday gift will be the reason why!

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5. Yoga and Stretching Room

stretching-in-office-16052011Want a surefire way to get your employees moving throughout the day? Consider converting one of those stand alone offices into a yoga and stretching room that employees can pop into whenever they feel the need to stretch it out. Even better, arrange for an instructor to lead classes at least once a week so employees have professional guidance and motivation.

Alternatively, you could fill that room with treadmill desks or just treadmills with an extra stand on top for papers. This could become your “treadmill meeting room,” where employees can exchange ideas while moving those legs. What better setting for getting things done than a room that builds the pumping of endorphins into its very design?

6. Gym Membership

Of course, some employees will want a more intense and focused workout. For that, a gym membership makes an excellent gift. You can take it up a step further by encouraging employees to become gym buddies for motivation and accountability. And if the gym is nearby, you could also encourage employees to work out on their lunch break, making it clear that it’s okay that they take more than an hour if they stay later and get everything they need to done.

7. Wellness Program

You’ll truly be giving the gift of health and happiness when you launch a wellness program that truly shows how much you care. This doesn’t have to be — and perhaps shouldn’t be — the run of the mill program. Instead, try something unique, like giving your employees access to great fitness apps, starting a corporate food co-op, or enrolling in a phone-a-doctor program to discourage working when sick. Wellness programs nurture employees in mind, body and soul — what a gift to give.

8.  Bike Share Membership

You may not have the budget or the desire to give each employee a bike for the holidays (especially if they’re not guaranteed to use it), but if you live in a bigger city with one of these programs in place, why not give them a year’s subscription to a bike membership program? Employees will love all of the exercise they sneak in on their commute, as well as the ease of simply dropping it off and picking it up at set points, rather than having to worry about locking it up or getting it onto a bus or a train. And of course, this is a great gift for the earth, too!

In Short

From your road warriors to your everyday commuters, these top holiday gifts are sure to say, “You’re appreciated!” So choose yours, wrap them up, stick on a bow and let the holiday fun begin!

What are your favorite office gifts for the holidays? Let us know in the blog comments!