If you’ve made a resolution to tighten up those abs, you’re certainly not alone. Getting in shape will help you feel more energized and be more productive while at work. The benefits will radiate across all aspects of your life. Let’s talk about fitness.

While your motivation may be high in the springtime, finding time to make it happen can be more of a chore than actually doing the workout itself. We’ve previously recommended deskercizing (that is, working out at your desk) as a great way to sneak exercise into your workday. Even better: add in a few fitness apps to that deskercize or home exercise routine. Fitness apps are easy to use. They’re inherently portable, and they’re often more engaging and gamified than the average fitness DVD. That means they’re the perfect combination of expert advice, psychology, and convenience to make them an essential part of any routine.

We want to help your journey and have poured through reviews and have compiled a few of our favorites. Let’s take a look at the best fitness apps currently on the market.

The 5 Best Fitness Apps of 2015

1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike Training Club App

Here at Goldtouch, we’re big fans of customized and comprehensive solutions, so it should come as no surprise that the Nike+ Training Club app is our top pick. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or you’re just at the start of your fitness journey. Nike+ Training Club has a workout that’s right for you. From the start, you’ll choose your own fitness goals. Whether that’s getting lean, toned, strong, or simply getting focused, and the app will direct you accordingly. From there, you’ll get workouts customized to help you achieve these goals, based on your stated fitness levels. Tutorials are available, which can slow down and repeat as often as you need. This ensures you’ll never be left feeling like the one clunker at the back of that cardio kickbox class who can’t keep up. (Free on iOS and Android).

2. MapMyFitness

From the same wunderkinds who make MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, and MapMyRide, this app taps into your phone’s GPS to help you create or find the best running, walking, and bike riding routes, track your fitness data as you go, and join up with exercise buddies, comes MapMyFitness. MapMyFitness is a comprehensive fitness solution that helps you track and map all of your fitness activities instead of just one. The app also provides a food log. Now you can keep track of what you’re putting into your body, but also see how that tallies in comparison to your physical activity. You can also track your sleep activity, your water consumption, and the state of your workout gear. This last metric is particularly useful, as the app will remind when it’s time to, say, swap out your running shoes before you injure yourself running on worn out soles. This app is truly for the quantified self. (iOS, Android, and even Blackberry. Free for a basic account, $5.99 per month, or $29.99 for a year’s subscription).

3. Runtastic Six Pack

For most of us, molding our abs into a fine 6 pack is one of the more elusive goals out there. You can go crazy with those crunches and situps, but true definition requires — you guessed it — more of a comprehensive solution. The Six Pack app from Runtastic offers over 50 different kinds of ab workouts. It ensure you’re working every relevant muscle in new and interesting ways. You can also choose your own personal trainer. They will motivate you along the way, as well as your own program, which can last anywhere from 10 to 30 days. You can also slow down videos, so you can ensure you’re getting it right. (Free for iOS and Android).

4. Carrot Fit

carrot fit

Ever wished you could hire your very own drill sergeant? You’ll find just that in Carrot Fit, the app that’s not messing around and won’t take any of your guff. Add in a bit of Daria-style sarcasm, and you have the most unique fitness app around. The app calls itself your “fitness overlord,” and provides such nerdtastic routines as the “Dragon Mating Dance.” Avatars are reflective of the actual populace, rather than the usual parade of impossible to attain model bodies. Best of all, the app awards points for a job well done, so you’ll really feel like you’re playing a game. While this app won’t be for everyone, it’s a nice breath of fresh air for those of us who would prefer sarcasm to cheerleading as we pump it ($2.99 for iOS).

5. Fitmo

Remember what we said in the intro about fitness apps being a great way to carry fitness with you, wherever you go? Fitmo doesn’t just give you access to fitness tips on the go, it gives you access to complete personal training. At $40 per month, this app is pricier than every other on the list. Yet it’s still far more affordable than an in-person trainer, who you’d be lucky to get at that price per session. Your Fitmo personal trainer will set up your fitness schedule and meal plan. They won’t let you slide, as they’ll check in regularly via text and video chat. And lest you think you can sneak away, it also syncs with your other fitness trackers, like the FitBit, to keep you accountable. (iOS).

To Summarize the fitness journey

Getting fit is a personal journey — one that’s unique as you are. Now more than ever, there are fitness apps available for every type of personality, body, and approach. Making the most of each one will help you feel better and perform better at work and at home. What are some of your favorite fitness apps? Let us know in the blog comments!

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