stretching in officeJust because you have to be at your desk all day,  doesn’t mean you have to keep those muscles static. In fact, you probably shouldn’t, given the many health risks associated with sitting for more than two hours straight every day. The solution? Deskercize! Yes, from leg raises to squats, there’s a lot you can do to get that heart pumping and those calories burning, even behind the desk.

Stretch it Out

Naturally, the best exercises are stretches, as they’ll prompt your muscles into moving in a manner opposite to the one you use to type at a computer all day. This in turn will help mitigate the discomfort of a repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). A side stretch, for instance, will relieve tension in your wrists and lower back, while also opening up your chest and shoulders, while an open chest stretch will relieve tension in your middle back. Shoulder rolls, on the other hand, will help your upper back and shoulders, and you can do them without even leaving your seat. A chair twist is a great exercise as well, as it will help release muscles that have remained locked in one position for too long.

Standing Desks

Better yet, swap your chair and traditional desk for a standing desk. Standing forces your muscles to work in ways that sitting simply doesn’t, as you must constantly adjust to stay upright. What’s more, standing tends to lead more naturally to motion, and you’ll find yourself moving without even thinking about it.

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In Conclusion

Stretches like these will do a lot to prevent injury and discomfort on the job, but they are of course best paired with adjustable work furniture and accessories, like an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

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For a more in-depth look and instructions for completing these exercises and others, we highly recommend reading, Six Stretches To Do At Work, from the Yoga Journal.

What are your favorite deskercizes? Let us know in the comments below.