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Not to make you too paranoid or anything, but do you know what your flat keyboard is up to right now? While it may not be sabotaging your healthy eating habits, or gossiping about your clothing choices to its friends, that little devil is constantly plotting ways to undo your time at the gym — and at the yoga studio and at pilates class and on the massage table, for that matter.

The reason? Standard flat keyboards that come attached to your laptop or that are bundled with your desktop were made to suit the needs of manufacturers. Not for your personal comfort! Without even knowing it, your keyboard has forced you into adjusting your body to fit its needs! Rather than the other way around… It’s pretty much the most manipulative schemer of all peripherals.

But we’re not going to let that evil flat keyboard get away with its secret machinations. Today we’re shining our spotlight on its many destructive ploys, and then handing you a playbook to destroy them.

How Your Flat Keyboard Works Against You

1. It Forces You to Splay and Strain

Do us a favor: take a look down at your hands as they type on your flat, straight keyboard. Notice something? In order to reach all of the keys, your wrists must splay out to the side. And wrench their way around the board as they go. This forces your elbows unnaturally inwards.

Together, these positions put pressure on your wrists, joints, back and neck. Type for long enough — and let’s face it, we’re all typing a lot of keystrokes these days — and you’re bound to develop a painful case of carpal tunnel syndrome. And your neck and back aren’t going to feel great either.

2. It Doesn’t Provide Enough Feedback

If your current keyboard is flat and slim — or worse yet, if it is a virtual keyboard displayed on a tablet screen — chances are, it’s not providing enough — or any — tactile feedback when you press the keys. Without this, you’re much more likely to type harder than you need to. This is because your muscles and your brain aren’t entirely sure when they’ve done the job right. This can lead to immediate, acute injury like pulls and tears. It also increases wear and tear in general, speeding up your route to a Repetitive Strain Injury.

3. If It’s Attached, It Does Double Damage

Keyboards on laptop and tablets are even more damaging than flat external keyboards, because they are directly attached to the device’s screen. This means that you can only get the device into the proper position for typing, or into the proper position for reading the screen. But you cannot do both at once.

To illustrate, place your laptop or tablet flat on the desk, and examine your body as you type. In order to see the screen, you must hunch over your device, creating strain in your neck, back and eyes. But if you were to move the screen into its ideal position — arms length away from you with your neck in a neutral position — you wouldn’t be able to type.

This means that attached flat keyboards do double the damage, as they create problems not only through typing itself, but also through improper screen placement.

Need more reasons to ditch that flat keyboard? Here are 5 reasons to ditch your standard flat keyboard forever.

The Split Keyboard to the Rescue

You don’t have to let your evil flat keyboard win. With a Goldtouch split keyboard, you’ll vanquish the above demons in several ways.

Goldtouch Go!2 Keyboard

The Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Ergonomic Keyboard

1. Finding Your Fit

Each and every Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard has a locking ball and socket mechanism. This allows you to pull the keyboard apart in the middle to find the perfect, customized position for you. On the horizontal plane, you can splay the keyboard a full 30 degrees until you can type while keeping your wrists straight. You’ll also find 30 degrees of tenting available on the vertical plane, so that your wrists will flex neither up nor down.

whats your angle

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2. Receiving Full Feedback

Goldtouch keyboards operate using scissor switch technology. Every time you press a key, you’ll receive full feedback with that satisfying click. You’ll never have any doubt that you’re hitting the right keys, and you’ll press exactly as hard as you need to in order to get the job done — and no more than that.

3. Pairing Up for the Biggest Benefits

Goldtouch is so much more than The Keyboard Company. Pair your Goldtouch split keyboard with a laptop and tablet stand and an ergonomic mouse and voila! You’ll have a fully ergonomic workspace in no time — one that you can take away from the office for work at the airport, on the train, and in your home office.


No matter your role in your organization, you type what feels like a novel every day just in answering emails. To avoid wear of tear, make sure that you’re doing your typing on a keyboard that has your best interests in mind!

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