Hey you. We see you there, juicing your morning kale-almond-butter-chia-seed smoothie. We see you in your running kicks and your Crossfit tee and your yoga pants, checking out your stats on your activity tracker. And we see you pushing your shopping cart part past the non-organic produce section without a second look, because this quantified self? It just isn’t down with cancer-causing chemicals.

wrist angle for using a mouse
And you know what else we can see? Yourself, sunk down in your office chair, jamming away on your flat laptop keyboard like it’s done something to offend you. We see you massaging your wrists while you wait for the guys at the deli counter to shave the thinnest slices of grass-fed beef the slicer will allow for. Booking a massage appointment to work out kinks in your upper back your grandparents didn’t have to deal with until they were old enough to, well, be grandparents.

We see you, and we say this: it’s high time to find your angle.

The Problem With Your Flat Keyboard

Here’s the deal. That slim keyboard that comes with your desktop or laptop may be easy on the eyes. But truthfully, it’s pretty rough on your wrists, hands, neck, back, and joints.

Why? Just take a look a down at your hands as they hover over your flat keyboard. See how your wrists splay at an awkward angle so that you can maneuver your fingers into typing position?

Now look at your elbows. Are they tucked in close — and, as a result, are you shrugging your shoulders up into your neck?

Ouch Keyboard

Typing on a keyboard all day in itself is already likely to give you a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to develop one when you’re typing on a flat keyboard that forces you to adjust to it, rather than other way around. Shouldn’t you be the one to give your keyboard orders?

Goldtouch: The Anti-Keyboard Keyboard

employee using ergonomic keyboard

Choose any one of our Goldtouch keyboards. You’ll find yourself a keyboarding experience that’s as customized as that motorcycle you once built for yourself online “just to see what it looked like.” From the road warrior to the work from home multi-tasker, there is a Goldtouch keyboard to fit every kind of lifestyle. But more than that, each and every Goldtouch keyboard is fully adjustable. You can easily find the most comfortable fit for your body and your typing style.

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employee at ergonomic workstation

It all happens through the magic of one quiet yet powerful unsung hero: a locking ball and socket mechanism, which empowers you to pull the keyboard apart both horizontally and vertically, and to keep on adjusting until you’re holding yourself in the most neutral position possible.

Find Your Angle

With a little tweaking, finding the right position for you is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting it right.

1. Start Slow

If you’ve been typing for years on a flat keyboard, your muscles have adjusted to this position. Therefore, any other kind of position will feel strange, even if it is ultimately healthier for you. That’s why it’s best to take the tortoise route, and win this race with slow and steady action.

Start by keeping the keyboard in a flat, straight position, and allow your fingers time to get used to the key layout and feel, just like you would when purchasing any new keyboard.

2. Test Out the Horizontal Plane

Then the Goldtouch keyboard has become your buddy, it’s time to start experimenting with adjustments. Release the latch handle on the top left hand side of the keyboard to free the ball and socket mechanism. Pull the keyboard apart a little ways, and hover your hands over keyboard so that your wrists are straight, rather than splayed to the side, and your elbows can point comfortably downwards.

Lock the keyboard, and try typing like this for awhile. When you’re ready, try pulling the keyboard further apart to baby step your way to the most neutral position possible.

3. Go Vertical

ergonomic workstation in use

When you’ve mastered this new horizontal position — maybe today, maybe in a week — it’s time to start experimenting with vertical angles, which will prevent your wrist from straining too far up or down.

Once again, unlock the keyboard by pulling open the latch and releasing the ball and socket. Grasping the keyboard with both hands, lift it with your fingertips, until it is tented into the most natural position. Lock it back up, make sure all four feet are extended, and then give typing another try.

With 30 degrees of adjustments available on both the horizontal and the vertical planes, you’re sure to find the right angle for you!

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Do More, Hurt Less

When you exercise and stretch and eat right and schedule regular check-up appointments and take the time to walk to work and demand higher quality ingredients for your food, you’re putting in a lot of work to take care of yourself. It’s time to start building on that work rather than tearing it down when you head into the office.

Goldtouch Go!2 Keyboard

The Goldtouch Go!2 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

With a Goldtouch keyboard, you’ll get into Ironman or woman typing shape with happy, healthy typing fingers, wrists, and joints. Get work done faster and without any pain, and you’ll be able to devote that extra happy time to working on your passion projects. Or maybe by playing with your family, or just generally being you, without painful claw hands to hold you back. Write your screenplay, teach your toddler how to throw a baseball, and master your life with a Goldtouch keyboard.

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