Newtral Mouse 2 GoldtouchIf you could nominate two devices currently sitting on your desktop as “Most Likely to Cause Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs),” which ones would they be? If you answered, “keyboard” and “mouse,” ding ding ding! You hit that nail right on the head. When combined with repetitive use for hours on end, these two devices are an ergonomist’s worst nightmare.

At Goldtouch we’re on a mission to create the best customizable ergonomic products on the market, so that we can help workforces reduce pain and increase productivity. We’re always on the lookout for outside ergonomic products we think offer a brilliant approach to these problems, and two such products are the Newtral 2 Mouse and the Rockstick 2 Mouse, both of which solve the mousing problem in a creative and innovative manner.

We’ll take a deeper look at both of these products in a moment, but first, it’s important to understand just why mousing creates so many problems.

The Whys and Hows of Mouse-Induced Pain

The fact is, our bodies just weren’t made for a run-of-the-mill mouse. Regular mice lead to pronation, a hand position that is unnatural and puts pressure on your wrist, fingers, elbows, and even your neck. Most mice offer little to no support. That, combined with the fact that most of us keep our fingers hovered in wait over the mouse rather than resting them between clicks, very quickly leads to injury and strain. To make matters worse, clicking is an act that requires precision, which in turn creates even more strain to maintain. Add in the tasks of gripping and lifting, and you’ve gone from a less than ideal situation to a terrible one.

Two Effective Approaches

The Newtral 2 Mouse and the Rockstick 2 Mouse each offer very different yet highly effective solutions, which means more variation and choice for you as a consumer in your hunt to find your perfect mousing match.

The Newtral 2 Mouse

Newtral Mouse 1If it’s support you’re looking for, the Newtral 2 Mouse offers more than you could ever dream of. Unlike standard mice, the Newtral 2 Mouse is entirely customizable, offering 3 interchangeable gripping options to suit your unique needs. Each grip type targets a different gripping style or mousing task, offering solutions targeted toward: precision mousing; a balance grip; or full hand/wrist support, including a gel cushion.

All grips are entirely neutral, so you won’t put strain on your wrist, fingers, or forearm. The mouse is available in two different sizes, so you will also ensure these solutions are molded to your dimensions. Smooth grooves make for easy lifting, and a well-placed button means you won’t have to strain to click.

Best of all, you’ll still enjoy your favorite features available on standard mice, including 6 programmable buttons, which allow you to customize how you navigate, and plug and play technology. Just connect through your USB cable, and you’ll be able to take advantage of this mouse’s 3000 DPI precision from the get-go.

The Rockstick 2 Mouse

Rockstick Mouse GoldtouchThe Rockstick 2 Mouse takes a completely different angle to mousing — a vertical one. Unlike a traditional mouse, which has users lay their hands flat on the mouse, vertical mice like the Rockstick have users rotate their hands by ninety degrees. Now they are mousing in handshake position. This puts a solid end to pronation, and, for many people, is a much more natural solution.

But going vertical isn’t the Rockstick 2’s only innovation! This is the only ergonomic mouse that offers hand-clicking rather than finger-clicking. In the aforementioned handshake position, users of the Rockstick 2 mouse will “click” simply by rotating the mouse to the right or left, taking pressure off of the fingers — a leading cause for mousing-related RSIs. Instead, you’ll draw on the strength of the entire hand. There’s no other solution quite like it.

Rockstick 2 Mouse GoldtouchThe Rockstick 2 Mouse is a leading vertical mouse, as it will provide you with ample support, and it also is fully ambidextrous. The grip can be easily swapped out to fit both left- and right-handed users, or to allow for rotating between hands. This gives the main hand a rest. Due to ideal button placement, there is no need to hover fingers for hours on end.

The Rockstick 2 Mouse and the Newtral 2 Mouse both feature laser DPI for maximum precision, and are completely plug and play. Available in both wired and wireless options, your Rockstick 2 Mouse is customizable in every way.

In Short

Mousing is an essential part of any workday. That is precisely why doing so on less than ideal equipment can lead to such pain. In the Rockstick 2 Mouse and the Newtral 2 Mouse, you’ll find two unique, innovative, highly effective, and fully customizable solutions to alleviate this pain, or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Find your Rockstick 2 Mouse or Newtral 2 Mouse, or contact a Goldtouch Enterprise Specialist today.

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