Sitting all day raises your risk for heart disease, diabetes, back pain and other major issues, but you need your desk to do your job. The EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk allows you to take charge of the way you work and be more effective than ever.

You know your job takes a lot, but could it be literally killing you? The truth is, the more sitting you do during the day, the higher your chance of health problems that could lead to an early death. Even if you exercise several times a week, those hours in the office chair take their toll. There’s a growing body of evidence that long periods of sitting change your metabolism, increase your disease risk and challenge your mental health and focus. The new EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk allows you to break up hours of sitting for better health.

Think about what happens when you sit. Your whole body stays in one position for hours. Entire muscle groups do nothing. Your cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems have almost no stimulation. And unfortunately, you can’t reverse a lifetime of sitting at a desk by spending a few hours a week at the gym.

Now you don’t have to try. An adjustable standing desk, sometimes called a sit-stand desk or a height-adjustable desk provides a sustainable way to integrate physical activity throughout your workday. You’ll feel better, get more done, reduce your risk of health problems and leave work with energy left over for exercise. Sitting is the new smoking, and it’s time to quit.

Physical Problems Your Sedentary Lifestyle Could be Creating

If you made a list of all the health problems you’d most like to avoid, physical inactivity would be a risk factor for them all. It’s alarming how the number of harmful elements in our environment keeps growing, but the EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk lets you take control of physical activity in the workplace. Instead of being confined to one position, you choose when you move and avoid the physical problems caused by sitting.


More than a third of the adults in the United States are obese (they have a high body mass index for their height). It’s a complex issue, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies physical inactivity as one of the primary contributors. One study looked at 20-year trends and recommended public health emphasis should prioritize exercise even over dietary changes when it comes to preventing obesity.

Obesity increases your risk for conditions like these:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea

You burn more calories moving and standing than you do at rest. An adjustable standing desk allows you to do just that.

Heart Disease

The more hours you spend sitting, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease. Multiple cohort studies with thousands of participants found those with the lowest amount of sedentary time had the fewest heart attacks, stroke and incidents of coronary heart disease. People who sat 10 hours or more a day had a significantly increased risk.

Think of your day as a whole. You may spend an hour working hard at the gym or jogging several miles, but what about the rest of your day? If you sit not just at work, but for your commute and your evening screen time, your heart might not be as healthy as you think. An adjustable standing desk could help you turn things around.


When you don’t move for long periods of time, your body doesn’t use insulin as effectively. You could be one of the 79 million Americans with prediabetes, and whether or not it develops into type 2 diabetes later in life depends on the choices you make today.

Spikes in blood sugar are a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. In a University of Missouri-Columbia study, assistant professor John Thyfault found when healthy people cut their physical activity in half for just three days, their blood sugar responses to food doubled. When you sit all day at work, your metabolism changes and your risk for diabetes development goes up. With an adjustable standing desk, you don’t have to stay in your chair, so you could reduce that risk.

Back and Hip Problems

If your chair came from an office supply store, it wasn’t designed for you. Sure, it may go up and down, but the human body comes in a lot more variations than just short legs and long ones. A standard desk is even less adaptable. You might not even realize what you’ve been doing to conform to your work environment, to contort your body into the mold.

Your desk and chair might have caused you to develop bad habits, especially if they’re uncomfortable. If you round in your shoulders, slouch, arch your back or have other types of poor posture, your body feels the repercussions. Over time, the support muscles you’re not using weaken and shorten. Your posture gets even worse and your spine compacts.

Prolonged sitting causes pain and fatigue. You leave work wondering why even though you sat all day, you’re sore and completely exhausted. You’d be amazed how differently you’ll feel after just one day with a sit-stand desk.

Mental Health Problems from Sitting

When your work environment wears you out, you’re less productive. Having to sit still all day could also be affecting your mental well-being. You probably already know exercise releases endorphins, chemicals that make you feel good. The opposite is also true. When you stay in your chair for hours at a time, you’re more likely to experience a decline in mental health.

Researchers conducted studies in Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe and across the board, found the people with the most sedentary behavior were 25 percent more likely to be depressed than those who got plenty of physical activity.

Prolonged sitting also increases your risk for anxiety. It impacts self-esteem and increases feelings of loneliness and stress. When you switch to an adjustable standing desk, you’re standing up for your own mental health.

How a Standing Desk Works

Sitting for hours isn’t good for you, but standing all day creates its own issues. The EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk allows you to switch effortlessly back and forth between the two.

It fits in a standard workspace, so you don’t have to shuffle employees or modify existing layouts. Place it right on top of existing surfaces at a comfortable seating position. Then, when you’re ready to stand, grab the handle on each side and raise it to the height that’s right for you. Your keyboard and monitor move with you, so there are no cords to adjust or equipment to move.

Variable torque controllers do the heavy lifting for you. The whole thing takes seconds. When you’re through standing, reverse the process just as quickly.

EasyLift Standing Desk Benefits

One simple change could make your life better every single day when you experience these standing desk benefits:

  • Reduce back pain – Breaking up sitting time with bouts of standing improves lower back pain by up to 32 percent in just three months.
  • Boost mood and energy – People who use sit-stand desks report more energy and less stress and fatigue than people who sit the entire workday.
  • Be more productive – Sometimes people worry standing will interfere with their job, but the opposite is usually true. While it may take some initial getting used to, standing doesn’t affect typing efficiency or other manual tasks. Plus, the EasyLift Adjustable Desk holds up to three screens, giving you the ability to multitask as much as you want.
  • Decrease your risk of heart disease – Prolonged sitting raises your risk of cardiovascular problems. Regular physical activity reduces it.
  • Live longer – Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all linked to early death. An adjustable standing desk could help you avoid all three.

Stand Up For Your Health

You could continue to feel discomfort and worry about future health issues. Or, you could make the one simple change that gives you more energy and less pain. Upgrade your business and your own personal workstation with an adjustable standing desk when you switch to EasyLift today.

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