Picture this: you go to dress your kid for daycare, but when you open the jeans drawer, there’s nothing in there. Looks like you forgot to do the laundry. But no worries: you’ll just pull out a pair of your own jeans and have your kid wear those. Voila! Problems solved, right?

Of course not. Small bodies just don’t fit into bigger clothes. Trying to get them to do so is sure to trip your child up. And the opposite situation — you trying to fit into your child’s clothes — isn’t going to be pretty either.

Hand Sizes

The point here is that size matters. All the more so when we’re talking about the equipment that we use day in and day out. In fact, the more we use a piece of equipment, the more urgent it is that the equipment be of the proper size to ensure there aren’t any injurers to the user.

That may be obvious when it comes to big things like riding a bike, but it’s a lot less intuitive when it comes to the kind of office items that we take for granted as we use them every day.

We talk about this all the time with our ergonomic keyboards, which adjust to fit every size and type of user via our patented locking ball and lever system. But what about mice? We use them constantly, without giving a second thought to how we’re using them.

That’s unfortunate, because fitting your mouse to your unique hand shape and size is crucial when it comes to preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All of that clicking, hovering, and all of those tight, precise movements take their toll. Even an ergonomic mouse, which comes with the proper support and key placement so that you’re never over reaching or straining your wrists or fingers, isn’t going to do you much help if it’s just not fit to you.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just measure your hand and match your dimensions to a mouse that’s built just for you.


Start with our comprehensive mouse sizing guide, which explains why it’s important to get mouse size right, while also taking you through all of the most essential measurements. At the bottom of the page, you’ll even find a mouse generator. Just enter your measurements, and we’ll match you with the perfect mouse for you. You’ll find this generator on every mouse-related product page on the site as well. Total mousing comfort is just one click away from your dream mouse.

With the right mouse, you’ll experience a more comfortable way of mousing. Not to mention, also safeguarding the long term health of your joints and muscles.

Start playing with the generator today and find the perfect Goldtouch mouse for you!

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