If you’re looking to upgrade your office space or your work-from-home setup, purchasing everything you need at once can be a helpful way to get right on track. The problem? Making sure that you’re purchasing the right products that work well together can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a guide to some of the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos to ensure that you have everything you need to stay productive and avoid repetitive stress injuries. Let’s dive into some amazing ergonomic keyboard and mouse pairs that will make your job easier on you.

1. The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard (PC and Mac) & Newtral 3 Mice

woman typing on a Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless keyboard. There is also a Newtral 3 Mouse and an ipad on a Laptop/Tablet Stand. There are a lot of ergonomic keyboards and mice out there that cater to office workers and those who work from home. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, you’ll find a few ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos in this guide that will help those looking to create the perfect setting for focused, productive work. However, we recognize that you might not always find yourself working in the same place. Whether you’re soaring through the sky, in a hotel room, or elsewhere, you deserve equipment that keeps you on task and comfortable.

One great ergonomic keyboard and mouse pair is the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard and Newtral 3 Mice. The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard tents vertically and splays horizontally up to 30 degrees (preventing ulnar and radial deviation of the wrists and helping keep them neutral), features a silent and streamlined typing experience, works with PC or Mac (just flip the switch on the back and connect it),and is easy to bring anywhere given that it features no cords!

Of course, Newtral 3 Mice are a natural pair with this keyboard. A wireless mouse product, this mouse features multiple sizes so you can customize your experience, two different grip options (Precision Grip and Ergo-Grip, both offer full hand and wrist support), and left and right-handed options to suit your specific needs. If you’re looking for wireless ergonomic keyboards and mice, these two are excellent choices for those who are always on the go.

2. The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard (PC and Mac) & The Goldtouch FlexMouse Bluetooth Wireless (Right-Handed)

woman typing on a Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard. She is looking at a dual monitor screen on a dual monitor arm. There is also a Flex Mouse on a mouse pad with an ipad on a laptop/tablet stand. The previous section focused on an excellent ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo for those who travel. Now that we have a better idea of what you might want to have with you during your travels, you likely want some ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos for designing the perfect office or at-home setup. Two great products at Goldtouch that work together seamlessly are the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard and the Goldtouch FlexMouse Bluetooth Wireless.

What you’ll be excited to learn is that many of our ergonomic keyboards offer the same exciting features across the product line. The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard still offers the same adjustability to support wrist comfort, a silent and quick typing experience, and ease of use as you switch from one operating system to another. The only thing that changes is that this product does have a cord and has a larger profile – perfect for those with large hands, or who prefer the extra comfort of rubber domed keys.

Speaking to the Goldtouch FlexMouse Bluetooth Wireless mouse, this product features four interchangeable mousing backs to help you get the perfect fit, a body that keeps your wrist at the ideal 24-degree angle (reducing comfort from wrist pronation) and a thumb cushion for a more comfortable grip, easy-to-use oversized buttons, and Bluetooth technology! If you’re looking for a versatile ergonomic keyboard and mouse pair, these two products offer you just what you need.

3. The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard (PC and Mac) & The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wireless (Right-Handed) Medium w/ Dongle

woman typing on a Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with a Wireless Semi-Vertical Mouse on a Goldtouch mouse padIt’s important to remember that not all ergonomic keyboards and mice are going to be compatible with your setup. Take, for example, the first of the ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos on this list. These types of products are great if you have a laptop with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. Most modern products do, so this shouldn’t be a concern. But if yours doesn’t, that makes your product impossible to use. The good news? We have an answer for everything!

We won’t cover this keyboard recommendation extensively as we already talked about it in the first pairing. That being said, if your computer or laptop does not have integrated Bluetooth, you will need a separate dongle (a device you plug into the USB area to connect with your wireless product). You can actually find dongles in our accessories section so that you can use your new Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard with your laptop.

Another great option to pair with this keyboard is our Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wireless (Right-Handed) Medium w/ Dongle. This product is a 2.4 Ghz device, meaning it comes with it’s own dongle because it is a one-to-one device and needs the dongle it comes with to operate on your computer. Additionally, it offers a range of features like an optimal 66-degree slope design to seamlessly blend traditional ergonomic mouse and vertical mouse operation, additional forward and back thumb keys with a rubberized anti-slip body, and a detachable flange to keep your palms off of your desk or another surface.

No matter your specific needs, there are ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos out there for you!

Stay Productive and Protected With Goldtouch

Goldtouch’s ergonomic keyboards and mice are designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries and help you make the most of work. All of our products work well with each other, and the guide above only offers a few suggestions to help you create the perfect setup regardless of whether you’re working in place or traveling. Ready to discover the right ergonomic products for your needs? Shop our extensive collection now!