mobile employees airportHere at Goldtouch, we’re big supporters of the burgeoning field of mobile ergonomics. With more workers than ever operating from home offices or the road, we believe fully in the importance of working on products that are as comfortable as they are slim and lightweight. We also know that the demands of the road can be uniquely challenging, and there are often moments when mobile workers find themselves frustrated, having left an essential device at home. As such, today we’re counting the top 5 products mobile employees should always keep in their laptop bags to ensure working from the road is as efficient and convenient as working in a fully-stocked office.

1. Emergency Cell Phone Charger

When you’re a mobile worker, it’s important to feel connected to the office, both to keep up with changes to the workflow and to ensure you’re still woven into the fabric of the team. A smartphone is essential for this, as it is the primary way you can be there for important conference calls, access email wherever you are, and even tap into your company’s cloud platforms, so you can stay up to date with the latest changes to any projects you might be on.

You know what gets in the way of all of these things? A dead cell phone. Of course, a run-of-the-mill charger is essential, but you’ll definitely be thankful you have a portable, emergency charger as well when there is no outlet available. We hear again and again from all our mobile workers that this is a product they simply can’t live without!

2. Mobile Ergonomic Keyboard

Typing up documents and emails is just as essential on the road as in the home office, and yet mobile devices like tablets and laptops have tiny keyboards that aren’t set up to support long typing sessions. Operating for long hours on these keyboards can lead to a host of ailments, most especially carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, a mobile ergonomic keyboard will easily put an end to these pains, and it won’t even weigh down your luggage. While it is slim and lightweight (perfect for on the go working!), it still provides all of the adjustability of a larger ergonomic keyboard you keep in your home office. And if you pair it with a lightweight mobile mouse and a laptop and tablet stand, you’ll easily establish a mobile workspace, wherever you are. When you’re done working, simply fold it all up, slip it back into your bag and you’re good to go.

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3. Tablets

Once upon a time, laptops were a revolutionary innovation for mobile workers. Now, however, most laptops seem downright bulky next to a lightweight tablet. Why weigh down your shoulders and take up more room in your bag than necessary when you can simply work from one of these powerful, slim devices? If your company operates mostly via cloud technology, you’ll work easily via WiFi. If you still prefer a laptop, we highly recommend going for one with solid state drive technology like the Macbook Air. This way, you’ll still be able to multitask while enjoying a much more lightweight experience.

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4. Pen Drive

Pen drives are becoming less of a necessity due to cloud backup, but they can still be essential in a pinch. For example, you’ll be relieved that you backed up your sales presentation on a pen drive when the WiFi in your potential client’s conference room fails. Pen drives are also great when you’re collaborating with colleagues during a long flight and need to transfer documents between devices. Of course, they’re tiny, too, so they’re easy to take along with you.

5. Privacy Screens

When you work on the road, you’re often operating in close proximity to someone else, whether you’re on a plane or in a cafe. And who can blame them for taking a look at your screen now again? It’s only human nature! Stamp out that temptation before it grows too great by applying a privacy screen to your devices. Not only will this keep important company data safe from prying eyes, but it will also reduce glare, so you’ll work comfortably in a wider range of lighting conditions.

In Short

Having the right devices with you on the road can mean the difference between checking every task off your list and not managing to do a single one. What are your favorite mobile products? Let us know in the blog comments!