wellness programs saving company moneyWhen it comes to workers compensation claims, most employers live in perpetual fear. The claim process can be confusing. More often than not, it feels like there’s not much to be done when OSHA is hovering on the horizon. But the truth is, employers can significantly lower both their healthcare premiums and their workers compensation claim rates simply by implementing good wellness programs.

It’s something experts tell employers often, but many continue to resist out of a misguided notion that wellness programs are expensive and that employees don’t want to be told what to do. But even small changes can make a big difference. Furthermore, switching from a post-injury to preventative care environment can have big payoffs in the long term.

Why Wellness Programs Have Big Payoffs in the Long Run

Healthier workers are less prone to injury. This is especially true if a preventative approach has also been implemented in the workplace with ergonomic consults and equipment. What’s more, when healthy workers do get injured, they tend to return to work faster. This is because they don’t suffer from a cascade of other health problems that will delay the healing process. What’s more, while on the job, healthy, well-looked after workers are happier, more productive and efficient, and more dedicated to finding innovative solutions to your most pressing problems. Altogether, that’s a pretty compelling case to switch to a preventative mentality.

For a deeper look both at the benefits of wellness programs and arguments against continued employer resistance, we highly recommend this article, Take The Steps To Prevent Workplace Injuries Before They Happen, written by an industry expert.

If you could design your own wellness program, what benefits would it include? Let us know in the blog comments below.

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