Since many of us spend countless hours on the computer each day (not to mention our phones), it’s not uncommon to start experiencing wrist pain issues. Carpal tunnel has become more common as well because of how repetitively many of us use our hands to do our work. Not to worry though! There are so many great types of ergonomic equipment that can help alleviate the daily pressure we subject our hands and wrists to.

Along with ergonomic desks, chairs, and keyboards, ergonomic mice have gained popularity over the years for their ability to help with posture and reduce desk work-associated pain. So, why use an ergonomic mouse? It all comes down to repetition.

Maybe you’ve been using a computer mouse for many years and haven’t noticed any discomfort (yet). As our bodies start to age, though, sudden pain brought on by using repetitive office equipment for years becomes more likely. Over time, a person may develop tendonitis due to using repetitive back and forth wrist motions to drag a conventional mouse. Some may even become unable to work because of tendon damage and eventually, arthritis.

The good news is, you can prevent permanent damage to your hands and wrists by investing in a good ergonomic mouse that conforms to your hand and fingers so you’re able to work at your computer with the utmost comfort.

So, how do you know which style of ergonomic mouse works best for your needs? Here are a few things to consider:

Hand Preference

person using a ergonomic mouse

Depending on which hand you favor when using a mouse, there are styles for left and right-handed people. Goldtouch offers multiple styles that can be used with your left, right, or both hands if you happen to be one of those lucky ambidextrous people!

Button Placement

Depending on your preference and the curvature of your fingers, you may want to try an ergonomic mouse with buttons located on the side rather than the top so your fingers can do less work when you’re constantly clicking. If you prefer the buttons to be on top, you might like a more traditional ergonomic mouse. Don’t worry, we have plenty of both styles to choose from.

Cord Or No Cord?

ergonomic mouse on desk

That is the question! All kidding aside, if your computer is mostly stationary, you may choose to stick with a traditional wired ergonomic mouse. However, if you’re constantly taking your laptop on the go and like the freedom of going cordless, you may prefer a mouse with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Whatever ergonomic style of mouse you’re looking for, Goldtouch has you covered with several unique types to fit you perfectly. Your hands and wrists will thank you!