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A Guide to Goldtouch Wired and Wireless Products

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An Overview of Goldtouch Wired and Wireless Products

Modern technology has given us every opportunity to transform our desktops. But should you choose wired or wireless products? We can’t answer that for you, but we can give you all the information you need to decide between the wide array of Goldtouch wired and wireless products.  An ergonomic keyboard is a must for effective and efficient typing- whether wired or wireless.

Ideally, wired keyboards need to be physically plugged into a computer while wireless ones don’t. They can also be used up to around 30 feet away from the desktop, a much longer distance than the typical 6-feet cable on wired keyboards.

However, wired keyboards come with their advantages too. Their performance cannot be compromised by signal interference. You also have nothing to worry about the battery life or the input lag.

Let’s explore in detail the preferences between Goldtouch wired and wireless products.

Wired Products

Wired products have a wire with a USB on the end to plug into your computer or laptop. Once connected, they run smoothly. More so, wired keyboards and mice are usually less expensive than wireless options.

Pros of Wired Products

  • Stable with no internet interference
  • Usually less expensive compared to wireless keyboards
  • Plug into a power source / won’t lose power when in use
  • No batteries or charging cable required

Cons of Wired Products

  • You can only use it within the length of the cable
  • Wires can be a bit messy
  • It occupies a USB port

Wireless Products

When it comes to productivity, a reliable PC or computer is a must. But besides that, having the right accessories is imperative. A wireless keyboard and an ergonomic mouse are essential accessories. If you want to use your keyboard or mouse away from your computer or hate dealing with cables, a wireless keyboard is a suitable accessory.

Wireless keyboards and mice use two main technologies for connectivity: 2.4GHz or Bluetooth. Bluetooth models assume the host PC supports Bluetooth, while the 2.4ghZ connects via a wireless USB dongle to your machine.

The 2.4GHz provides a stable connection. However, no laptop or computer has built-in support for 2.4GHz keyboards. Therefore, you need a USB dongle, which should always come with a 2.4 GHz device.

Pros of Wireless Products

  • Less clutter on desktop or workspace
  • Great for portability
  • Can work from further distances (i.e 30 feet wireless vs. 6 feet wired)

Cons of Wireless Products

Fundamentals of Buying Wired and Wireless Keyboards/Mice

With the knowledge of wired and wireless keyboards, the next hurdle is choosing the right gadget. When buying computer keyboards and mice, you need to consider a few things, including:

Work Type

What type of work will you handle with the keyboard? Are you an office worker, or do you spend a lot of time traveling? The keyboards are designed with specific features to suit intended purposes.

An ergonomic keyboard gives you a comfortable, excellent typing experience if you spend hours typing. An external numeric keypad is ideal for those who work with numbers a lot.


Whether you’re buying a wireless or wired keyboard, ensure it’s compatible with the system. We offer keyboards compatible with both PC and Mac, but it’s important to note the V2 keyboards are PC OR Mac compatible.


Our keyboards are designed for ideal ergonomics — each tenting and splaying from 0-30 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical planes.

If you focus on portability and flexibility, a foldable keyboard can be an ideal choice as it doesn’t take much space. Our Go!2 keyboards easily fold in half for travel ease, and they are also great for the office as well.

Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards are thoughtfully designed to position your hands naturally. There have been many case study success stories that show just how impactful our ergonomic products have been to businesses who have incorporated them into their workforce. In one study, 91% of participants said it helped their work performance and preferred it to their previous system. An ergonomic keyboard is an ultimate accessory to buy if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. They help to reduce strain by offering the ability for users to maintain a neutral posture.

Extra Function Keys

Goldtouch keyboards have extra function (FN) keys for controlling volume, music player, and launching apps. They are also programmable through the use of third-party software (please note, Goldtouch cannot provide support on third-party software).


Our V2 keyboards are made with rubber domed keys, whereas the Go!2 keyboards are designed with scissor-switch keys. To learn more about these keyboards, read this article.


Wireless keyboards are generally more expensive than wired keyboards. More so, features determine the price of a keyboard. So be smart when choosing your device to ensure you don’t spend on things you don’t need.

Choose a keyboard that fits your needs and matches your financial muscles, whether you want the wired or wireless product. At Goldtouch, we have every type of keyboard and mouse you’d ever want. Below, we have sampled some of our wired and wireless keyboards and mice to make your computing experience incredible.

Goldtouch Wired Products

Goldtouch Go! 2 Mobile Keyboard

Are you always on the go? Then, the Go! 2 mobile keyboard is an ideal companion. Its slim, elegant, and lightweight design is perfect for travel. In addition, the wired keyboard features full-sized, silent, responsive, and fast keys.

The keyboard features silent and responsive keystrokes for precision. More so, this ergonomic device has high adjustability to help you straighten your hands, wrists, and forearms. So you won’t have strain issues.

The Goldtouch Go! 2 Mobile Keyboard is compatible with operating systems such as: Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, 2000, and Mac OS 10.4 and above.

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard

The Evoluent Right-Hand Keyboard allows you to use the mouse with the right hand for perfect balancing. This design reduces stress on the shoulder muscles, making you feel comfortable when typing. In addition, the number pad on the left makes it possible to type with the left hand as you use the mouse on the right.

The high-quality scissor key mechanism has no key cap wobble. So computing becomes easy and comfortable. The user will enjoy one-touch access to the cut, copy, sleep, web, paste, and other functions using dedicated shortcut keys. More so, the intuitive design of this Evoluent keyboard makes it easy for heavy keyboard users and number crunchers.

The keyboard is highly compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It’s also compatible with Linux and Unix systems.

Goldtouch USB Ambidextrous Mouse

For more versatility, try our Goldtouch Ambidextrous Mouse. This mouse is made to make computing easy, comfortable, and fun. The design cradles your hand naturally to provide the needed support for both right and left-hand users. Easily switch back and forth between right and left-handed mousing throughout the day for greater ergonomics.

You don’t need lengthy installs since the mouse comes ready to plug and play. You just need to plug in a USB cord, and all is set. The easy-to-click buttons make navigation hassle-free. More so, the anti-slip side offers a good grip for ultimate support.

The Ambidextrous Mouse is an ergonomic mouse that features a 1000 dpi optical sensor for precise and smooth cursor control. Its curvy design makes it a one-size-fits-all mouse to accommodate all hand sizes.

Goldtouch Mac USB Numeric Keypad

The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad is what you need for more comfortable and faster calculations and data entry. This dedicated gadget is easy to position wherever it feels best. Our keyboards are purposefully designed without a keypad, so that users can mouse closer to their keyboard. The external numeric keypad can then be used and positioned wherever it feels comfortable. A lot of our users will move the mouse over to make room for their keypad, then pull their numeric keypad next to the keyboard, then move it back when finished.

The stylish, elegant design will fit perfectly with either PC or Mac devices (make sure to select the appropriate version at checkout). Your favorite keys are also within reach, including page up, page down, enter, and directional arrows.

Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Products

Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless FlexMouse

If you want an intuitive, easy-to-use wireless mouse, Goldtouch FlexMouse is the ultimate device. The gadget offers excellent performance without sacrificing comfort. The mouse moves your wrist to a 24-degree angle to eliminate discomfort and strain caused by wrist pronation.

The four interchangeable mousing backs fit snugly into both small and large hands. In addition, the oversized buttons let you click easily without overly bending your interphalangeal joints, hence alleviating arthritic discomfort.

It also features three large and responsive buttons to support right and left click. The center button activates the scroll function on your PC. The Goldtouch Wireless FlexMouse can reach 32.8 feet and features 2000, 1600, and 1000 DPI optical resolution.

Goldtouch Go! 2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

When traveling or working from the office, you always need maximum comfort. Typing can be tedious, and without the necessary support, it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculoskeletal discomforts. Pair the Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with a tablet stand for maximum comfort.

By placing your laptop on the Go! Travel Laptop Stand, you bring the screen to your eye level, preventing eye and neck strain.

The stand offers six height adjustments for workplaces and users of all heights. Bring the laptop closer and keep your neck and shoulders in alignment. Thus promoting better posture. Weighing a single pound with a slim profile, the stand goes with you everywhere.

Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Comfort Mouse (Right-Handed)

The combination of intuitive design and comfort makes typing work fun and fast. That’s what our Goldtouch wireless right-handed mouse is meant to do. This ergonomic mouse comes with a unique design to keep your hand and wrist in a natural position. This helps in alleviating pressure on joints and tendons.

With maximum comfort, you minimize the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. The oversized thumb cushion will help you grip the mouse without overstretching. Pair the Goldtouch mouse with your PC or Mac, and you’re good to go.

This ergonomic mouse features 1000 dpi optical resolution. It also comes with 2 AAA batteries, and it’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, and Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

If your computer does not have integrated Bluetooth, you will have to purchase a separate USB Blueooth Dongle to plug into a port on your laptop.

Goldtouch 2.4GHz Wireless Products

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Wireless Mouse

The Semi-Vertical Wireless Mouse is designed with a slope of 66 degrees. Unlike vertical mice, you’ll have the power of gravity on your side when it comes to clicking, so you won’t have to use as much movement between the thumb and fingers (which in turn can require more pinching of your muscles and nerves.

The wireless USB 2.4GHz receiver ensures you have a quick setup. The mouse features an anti-slip texture for grip. It also has a rubberized coating for ultimate comfort.

Utilize thumb keys to page back or forward conveniently. This wireless mouse features 1600, 1200, and 800 dpi optical resolution.

Evoluent Small Vertical Wireless Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse Small has an ergonomic, comfortable design that helps users relieve arm and wrist pain. It has the famous “handshake” design to provide, which guides your hand into a neutral position to prevent forearm twisting.

The wireless mouse has five programmable buttons for easy navigation without straining your wrist or fingers. This mouse is smaller than a standard vertical mouse, making it an excellent fit for smaller hands.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse Small is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.14, as well as Unix and Linux operating systems. It has a variable resolution ranging from 800 to 2600 dpi optical resolution.

Buy Wired and Wireless Products from a Reliable Source

Both wired and wireless keyboard products are favorable options for their own reasons. For example, if you’re in a place where handling a wire is difficult, then a wireless keyboard and mouse are the right accessories. On the other hand, for an ergonomic mouse or keyboard with no Bluetooth or signal interference, choose wired. Either way, comfort and performance should be your primary concern.

At Goldtouch, we have a wide array of ergonomic keyboards and mice. Our products are of high-quality and promise durability. We customize our products to suit every person for maximum comfort. Check out our store to explore your options today.